Create Your Life on Purpose®

Step into the miraculous creation of your own life!


This explosive, 8-week program blends in-depth personal discovery work with some empowerment tools that will connect you with your passions and spiritual awareness to launch you on the path to your miraculous life.

You are a powerful being who is creating your life in each moment of your existence. Why not do it consciously, so that what you create is worthy of all that you are?


Create Your Life On Purpose© is an 8-week, in-depth transformation program that guides you into living a fully empowered, abundant life so that you can consciously and joyously manifest your desires.

By engaging your emotional, mental and spiritual aspects, you will experience transformation and healing at the deepest, most significant levels. You will be able to experience a liberation from long-term wounds, remove significant blocks and fears that have stopped you until now, find your own path to living a more empowered life, and learn some life-changing techniques you can utilize for the rest of your life.

This program will change your entire life. Not only will you come to understand why you live the way you do, but you will discover your innermost, authentic self, set a vision for your life based upon that authentic self, and acquire some tools to carry it out into the world, with the help of your spiritual Source.

Leslie Fonteyne has the intuitive ability to get you to dig deep into your soul without even knowing that it is happening. She gently leads you to the place inside where there is a block, whether from fear or a past negative experience. She asks questions that cause you to go right to the heart of the issue. Where you have been stopped in the past by a word or a reaction, as she is working with you, you feel the courage to move through the fear and to drop the block that has been hindering you. She draws on and shares her own experiences from the past to demonstrate. Then somehow, you too find the courage to move to the other side and go forward. -KM

The Program

Session 1: Introductory Assessment 

In our first session, I introduce the Create Your Life on Purpose program. I will ask you questions about who you are, what’s going on in your life, what’s missing, and where you want to go. Knowing where you are will help us create a path that is not only truly aligned with who you really are. Honesty and authenticity are the guarantors of success. At the end of our discussion, I’ll provide you with your first workbook section.

Session 2: Your Current Life’s Foundation

This session is solely about excavation and discovery. We will review your homework which answers questions about who you are and the influences in your life. At this stage, we are not judging anything. This is pure research to identify the elements of your life’s foundation. Homework for the next session will be provided.

Session 3: Hello! A Re-introduction to the Real You

In this segment, we begin another type of “digging” to uncover who you truly are, the person you were born to be. Homework for the next session will be provided.

Session 4-5: Creating a New Vision

In this segment, we begin to actually build something! We take the work you completed in the first two segments and create a vision for your life. You will not be planning or figuring out how you will accomplish your vision. This is the “what” only.

Session 6-7:  Creating Your Life Roadmap, Living the Vision

In this final segment, we create the plan. This is where we put all your goals onto a roadmap and break out four of your main goals into individual project plans with steps. We also discuss how to implement the plan, using both spiritual and practical tools, so that you can withstand discouragement and other forms of negativity.  You will also learn how to celebrate your triumphs as you move into your new life.

Session 8: Incorporating Awareness into the Success Plan

In the prior sessions, we have gone deep into who you are, uncovering the influences in your life, your inner resistance to change, old belief systems that no longer serve you and pinpointing your fears. In this session, we will discuss the implementation of a set of personalized new habits that will work for you. One size does not fit all. We want your future to work for you.

Individual Session Length: 75 minutes over 10 weeks

Rate: $800. All materials included.

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