Energetic Clearing Sessions


Remove Those Blocks And Interferences That Slow You Down From Stepping Into All That You Are


Often when we hit the same blocks and issues over and over again, there is a need for energetic clearing and an understanding of what is consistently hindering the fulfillment of abundance and love in our lives. This work includes the removal of negative cords, astral and etheric debris and implants; chakra clearing and alignment; upgrading of contracts; and work with your Akashic records.

Typically, when we want our energy field cleared, we have experienced repeated, destructive patterns that we just can’t get rid of.  A common way you might recognize an energetic issue is when your “buttons get pushed”.  It always happens, it happens the same way, around the same kind of people, in the same situations. Another way you might experience interference is that you find yourself attracting the same types of energies over and over again, whether in public, in work situations, in relationships or even in your finances.

What Can You Expect From A Session?

In an energetic clearing session, you will have the opportunity to remove the blocks and interferences that have consistently held you back from stepping into all that you are. Leslie will work with you using her spiritual gifts, psychic awareness, connection to the angelic realm, and engagement with your own spirit to provide healing as well as shift you into a powerful, abundant life experience. Working with and channeling the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Light Beings at a high vibrational frequency, the transformation you experience will be significant. She will review your past lives, ancestral line, inner child, energy fields and remove any compromising energies such as tracking devices, implants, entities and outdated agreements that are surfacing at the time of the session.

What can you expect? A shift into a new, vibrant way of being, even a new lifestyle.  You will feel empowered to step into your own choices and desires. You will consider your own accountability in those choices. You will want to protect your life experience so that you remain clear, strong and motivated in your new direction.

How to Book Sessions

To arrange a session, you can click here. Make sure when you schedule it, that you have a little time to yourself before and after the session.

You can also send an email to Leslie at info@lesliefonteyne.com or call 678-665-3366.


If you’re wondering what type of sessions would be best for you, you can also schedule a complimentary 10-minute consultation.

Sessions are conducted by phone or Skype, unless Leslie is local at the time you both arrange a face to face.

Session length: 75 minutes

Rate: $500 for four, $150 for one

Questions & Answers

What To Expect During This
Type Of Session

What kind of a reading is this?

I will read your field with the intent of helping you to clear and heal any blockages or interferences that are showing up at the time of the session. So, during the part of the session when we are talking and I’m asking you questions, there will be identification of those blocks and likely some guidance. Then we’ll clear what shows up in past lifetimes, ancestral line, inner child, and other parts of your field.

What do I do in the session?

It is important for you to be willing. Sometimes we can hold on to energies that are limiting or detrimental to us. We do this out of loyalty or fear of change. It is important to be willing to release any need to control or hold on to energies that are problematic so that you can shift.

How often should I have a session?

Some people work with me every week, others less frequently. It depends on how aggressive you want to be in shifting your field. Also, it depends on how impacted you are in processing the shifts and integrations from the session. You be the guide. Sometimes we can be overly ambitious in how fast we want to shift, taxing our system. Other times, we have done enough integration work and are able to process quite well.

Can we work on my family, friends or colleagues?

We can if they allow us through permission from their higher selves. We do no interfere with the free will of others, as they have their own life path and karma. Most importantly, we want to shift our own energy.  We often try to change others through codependency, altering our behavior to fix someone else so that they will be “better” for us, whether it is their behavior, finances, or other things we want from them. When we get in touch with our own soul essence and Source connection, we come to realize we don’t need others to be anything for us. We can be all of it for ourselves, as well as identify and draw those to ourselves who are aligned with us.

What can I expect?

When we clear old agreements and energies, we shift into a higher vibrational agreement that enables us to attract better. You may feel the entire session, as it can be quite powerful. Often with these shifts, we start attracting differently.

What happens after the session?

During the session, working with light beings, Ascended Masters and Archangels, we will clear out the debris that is showing up. As a result, you step into aspects of your life that may have been difficult or challenging with a new set of possibilities. Old energies that used to “yank your chain” no longer do. With attachments from our ancestral line or past lifetimes removed, we open ourselves to attracting positive opportunities and outcomes.

What are we healing?

We will be working in your entire field: chakras, meridiens, energy fields, past life times, ancestral line, and inner child. We’ll look at blockages, agreements, vows, and cords. We’ll extract any agreements with entities, implants, tracking devices or other debris. We’ll examine and clear what we can of energies in your physical, etheric, astral, mental, and spiritual fields. We’ll also look at any karmic patterns you’re ready to transmute.

What is the result of the work?

You may have a variety of experiences during and after the work,  depending on what we are clearing. You may experience a physical healing, a tangible sense of emotional and mental blockages being removed, a sense of lightness, a new clarity of vision, purpose and direction, a release of energy.


Leslie does not diagnose, treat, or cure any medical or psychological condition of any type, nor does she claim to perform any type of mental or emotional health therapy. Her work shall not be construed as medical or psychological advice, implied or otherwise. Information on this website is intended to be for informational purposes. Results of energetic healing sessions may vary. They are designed to promote wellness, clarity, improved energetic resonance and empowerment. Please check with your medical or mental/emotional health professional before changing any of their recommendations for treatment.