Spiritual Guidance Sessions


Receive Guidance On Your Life Experience, Challenges And Direction From A Higher Perspective


A spiritual guidance session is an opportunity to explore your life experience and direction from a higher perspective. It also provides answers from that perspective. We’re all aware of getting guidance or opinions that do not take this aspect into account. They just don’t fit.


These sessions can cover the path of your spiritual growth and development, your gifts, or addressing specific challenges you are experiencing. You may be having an emergency situation, experiencing some new challenges, unfolding new awarenesses, or questioning whether you are supposed to go in a certain direction in life.


In these sessions, I will hold space for you and we will check into your field, your higher self and your soul essence.

You Are Wanting Alignment Of Your Heart, Mind, And Spirit For The Realities That Face You.


Decisions are before you. Choices seem murky. You live a multi-dimensional existence, so low-level, 3D solutions are unsatisfying. Earth life presents challenges – how do you hold our energy steady, stay true to your soul essence, and choose well? The level of dialog you seek is higher than the frustration, sadness, fear and anxiety you may be experiencing in daily life.

These sessions allow you to share your experience in a safe, protected space, connect with your higher self and get clarity. I will support you in holding that space. Living with spiritual gifts, understanding past lives and our karmic patterns give us insights to our choices. Joining with you, I will also help you shift what is showing up.


How to Book Sessions

To arrange a session, you can click here. Make sure when you schedule it, that you have a little time to yourself before and after the session.

You can also send an email to Leslie at info@lesliefonteyne.com or call 678-665-3366.


If you’re wondering what type of sessions would be best for you, you can also schedule a complimentary 10-minute consultation.

Sessions are conducted by phone or Skype, unless Leslie is local at the time you both arrange a face to face.

Session length: 75 minutes

Rate: $500 for four, $150 for one

Questions & Answers

What To Expect During This
Type Of Session

What is a spiritual guidance session?

These sessions can cover the path of your spiritual journey or address specific challenges you are experiencing in life, such as your relationships, work, finances or other areas. You may be experiencing an emergency situation, or perhaps you were presented with a new challenge. You may be trying to decide whether to go in a new direction in your life. All of these can be addressed in this type of session.

How will I know I'm doing the right thing?

If you understand your life in spiritual terms, you know you live a multi-dimensional existence. Low-level, 3D solutions from friends, family and colleagues can be unsatisfying and may be the wrong perspective for you. Earth life does indeed present challenges – what we want to do is stay true to our soul essence and choose from a higher perspective. While we may feel frustration, sadness, fear or anxiety in the situation, we want to review the situation from a place of unconditional love, forgiveness, healing and transformation. We want to understand our own life lessons, so that we can evolve and resolve from the perspective of our higher self.

Will we just be talking the whole time?

We will be talk, but I will also be ensuring that our space is safe, that the highest level of guidance is available and that it resonates with you and the vibration that you hold. I will not be telling you what to do; I will be bringing in a high-vibration perspective that allows you to see your challenges in a way you can transform them and yourself. We also will shift energies that you’re showing up with, whether it is agreements, karmic patterns or blocks that stop you from standing in your highest truth.

Will the session be all about surrender, release and martyrdom?

Hah! No, it won’t. As we all know, however, when a challenge or new direction is presented to us, we turn away from one aspect of our lives to step into another. There is always change. We also know we cannot manipulate others to be or do what we want. So, perhaps we can look at this as a moment of excitement and adventure on the journey where we get perspective on where we are in the cosmic sense, what we desire to step into, and how the current situation or challenge fits into that. There are no accidents. Only opportunities.

What will we do in a session?

These sessions may combine several modalities. The most important thing is that I’m holding space for you of the highest vibration, so that you can work through the concerns and issues that you have.  In these sessions, I will not be telling you what to do. There may be some guidance, and I will bring in the higher vibrational energies to help shift anything that surfaces that is blocking you from moving forward.

What perspective do you bring to this kind of session?

These sessions allow you to share your experience in a safe, protected space, connect with your higher self and get clarity. I will support you in holding that space. Living with spiritual gifts, understanding past lives and our karmic patterns give us insights to our choices. Joining with you, I will also help you shift what is showing up

Why does my life feel like it's falling apart?

When we step into a higher dimensional life, old wounds, karmic patterns, and ancestral baggage can come up for review. Often we have set in motion some growth that perhaps we don’t remember. It can look like the infrastructure and comfort zones of our life are collapsing. Fear and insecurity arise. But they arise to heal – always. It may be we are looking for a new structure that is more aligned with who we are. Again, we want to look at what is happening from a multi-dimensional perspective, so that you can choose the direction you want to go in that is aligned wit your own soul path.

I've made some wrong decisions. How do we fix that?

If we’ve made wrong decisions, it was from the best possible place at the time. It came from how we saw the world, the people in our lives, our available choices, and any filters of fear and insecurity that were driving our bus. Now we have a new opportunity to choose differently, to heal, to shift, and to attract better. Sometimes things seem cataclysmic because they threaten the structures we put in our lives to feel safe. But they are an illusion. Let’s bring in that higher perspective and start the journey toward transformation. It will get better.


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