Life Transformation


Clarify The Next Iteration Of Your Life And Shift Into It.


Why transform? Because you want to be happy and live a life that you enjoy, that excites you. You want to feel connected to energy, to the universe. You want to feel anticipation about what might happen next. Whether you already know your life path and are completely off-track or you just haven’t started to explore it, the life transformation sessions combines an in-depth life review and energetic work to clarify who you are in this world and how to step into your full potential. We get in touch with your dreams, desires and values, which often can be contrary to the life you are experiencing today. This is a job from the inside out. We’ll do a lot of inner work to get you back to living from your essence. Each session also includes a clearing.

This Is A Transformational Journey That Enables You To Take Anything On – If You Want It


The inner/energetic work is clearing the “debris” that prevents you from living your own life and allows you to step into all that you are.  These sessions will provide you with tools and techniques to surface your real desires and purpose.  The result is a personal roadmap, with milestones and individual goals, so that you can have a fully defined plan that works for you.  After these sessions, you will no longer be confused about who you are, what matters to you, what you want to achieve, or what it is going to take to get there.  When you hear the voices of your past, messages of failure, and limiting beliefs, you will know exactly what to do to remain fixed on your life path.


This is a transformational journey that will give you the tools and power to take anything on as you live the life you were meant to live.


How to Book Sessions

To arrange a session, you can click here. Make sure when you schedule it, that you have a little time to yourself before and after the session.

You can also send an email to Leslie at or call 678-665-3366.


If you’re wondering what type of sessions would be best for you, you can also schedule a complimentary 10-minute consultation.

Sessions are conducted by phone or Skype, unless Leslie is local at the time you both arrange a face to face.

Session length: 75 minutes

Rate: $500 for four, $150 for one

Questions & Answers

What To Expect During This
Type Of Session

Is this a form of life coaching?

It is and it isn’t. This is a transformative journey on a higher wavelength, and is not based on you powering it out at the personality level alone. In these sessions, we identify your desires and purpose, then clear the way toward achieving them. Our desires are on purpose, but they also set us up to heal what might be blocking us. The healing clears those obstacles that have held us back — until now.

What can I expect?

We work together to define and create your journey, so that you can step into all that you were meant to be, do and have. We will work with your energy field, as well as with other aspects of your identity, to help guide you toward meaningful and inspired action. This is a spiritual journey, filled with an abundant purpose that we will integrate into your earthbound life. We are not just stepping into goals, we are incorporating a higher purpose and healing blocks along the way.

I'm afraid of failure. Can you help me?

The journey of life transformation involves removing the obstacles that block us from stepping into our full potential. Fear of failure is often tied to a core wound, inner child, and messages we learned about taking chances. If we were shamed and judged in our lives, then we want to move those blocks out of the way. However, you will be able to step into a higher place of not reacting to your personality level fears and believing that you will fail. Failure is interpreted through a filter that we have to examine.

Can you help me remove the blocks preventing my success?

Yes. I do this in partnership with you and the light beings, to move out that might be blocking you. Remember that this is a journey. It is not like we snap our fingers and no effort is required on our part. We will get inspired ideas, build up courage, heal the wounds that have stopped us until now, and make continuous forward motion into our full potential.

Will I discover my life purpose?

It is likely you will. Sometimes, we often want our purpose to become something tangible, to have something to show for it, to provide a salary, or to eventually demonstrate success. While that is a possibility, Life Transformation is an evolution of a higher energetic order. We are stepping into all that we are, to be a light and inspiration in the world.

I can't get motivated. Will you help me?

We are going to uncover a lot of blocks that stop you from taking action. We get inspiration but then have to walk it out. If we are blocked due to double-binds, sabotage, health compromises, difficult agreements, we can move those. If you are refusing to step into your journey because you do not want to apply your will or consciousness to step into it, I cannot make you.

Will I be abundant as a result of these sessions?

The potential is always there. Abundance is our birthright. It depends how far you’re willing to go on this amazing journey. Each thing that comes up is an opportunity to heal. If we heal, then we move the needle a bit further until we understand that blocks like fear and insecurity can be moved through. If we don’t, then we stay where we are.

Will you do it all for me?

No, I won’t be able to do that, but I will fully support you (with the additional support of the light beings), hold space, and support all that you choose to step into. It is important to take responsibility for your own soul path. When you do that, you will be successful in accomplishing great things. We will of course be shifting the blocks and interferences that stand in your way, that arise in each session. By building up your courage and will, as well as trusting your own guidance, you will find yourself stepping into a brand new life.


Leslie does not diagnose, treat, or cure any medical or psychological condition of any type, nor does she claim to perform any type of mental or emotional health therapy. Her work shall not be construed as medical or psychological advice, implied or otherwise. Information on this website is intended to be for informational purposes. Results of energetic healing sessions may vary. They are designed to promote wellness, clarity, improved energetic resonance and empowerment. Please check with your medical or mental/emotional health professional before changing any of their recommendations for treatment.