Step into all that you are.

Shift. Heal. Clear. Transform.

These powerful sessions are like no other. They will catapult you onto your life path, opening the doors to abundance, healing, love and transformation.


What you want to be, do and have is entirely possible. It’s just that no one has shown us how to make it happen. If your desires and overall joy and success are blocked by energetic interferences, compromising agreements, health challenges or financial impediments, then these sessions are for you.


It’s possible to step into all that you are.

Work with Me
You Can Change Your Life.

These Sessions Are Like No Other…

These sessions, offered by phone and Skype, will enable you to experience truly powerful energetic transformation. This is possible through the vibration I carry and the incredible support of the Ascended Masters and Light Beings I am honored to work with.


We are not all the same… and we aren’t all on the same path. Some of us have experienced significant life trauma and health challenges. Some of us are so energetically sensitive to the point our life suffers.


Our energy fields may have been compromised to the point we are struggling with poor health, financial challenges, struggling relationships, and low energy.


All these can stop us from stepping into all that we are meant to be. Whether you are working on your ascension path, looking for spiritual guidance that helps you make sense of your life or want to take the next step in clearing these energetic challenges and stepping onto your life purpose path, take a look at the following options and see what best fits what you are experiencing. You won’t be the same!

Energetic Clearing Sessions


These Sessions Are Like No Other…


Energetic clearings can help you bust through the blocks that you find yourself running into over and over again. We will dive deep to understand what those blocks are, why they’re there, and then we’ll clear them out.


This work includes the removal of negative cords, astral and etheric debris and implants; chakra clearing and alignment, upgrading of contracts, and work with your Akashic records.

Life Transformation

Clarify The Next Iteration Of Your Life And Shift Into It.


Why transform? Because you want to be happy and live a life that you enjoy, that excites you. You want to feel connected to energy, to the universe. You want to be excited about what might happen next.


Whether you already know your life path and are completely off-track or you just haven’t started, the life transformation sessions combine an in-depth life review and energetic work to clarify who you are in this world and how to step into your full potential. We get in touch with your dreams, desires and values, which often can be contrary to the life you are experiencing today.


This is a job from the inside out. We’ll do a lot of inner work to get you back to living from your essence. Each coaching session also includes a clearing.


Ascension Support


Channeled Guidance And Energetic Clearing To Support Ascension


Are you on the powerful trajectory of ascension, dimensional shifts and energetic initiations? Thank you for your service!


Working on our own, it can difficult to sort out the challenges, physical symptoms and mastery lessons/levels that are being presented.


You may be having trouble clearing your own field, integrating the energy shifts – or you may be doing too much.


If all this sounds right, then these sessions are for you. They are a combination of channeled guidance and energetic clearing work that is completely personalized to who you are. We’ll see how you’re doing with your initiations, light quotient building, and activations. If you’re taking on too much or struggling with being here, this is for you.

Spiritual Guidance

Clarify Life Experiences And Direction From A Spiritual View – With Energetic Support


Sometimes you need more than a psychic reading or the opinions of trusted friends and loved ones. If you’re looking for a higher form of guidance that blends your soul essence and earthbound practicalities, these sessions are for you. You may be in the midst of difficult life experiences showing up as a conflict in a personal relationship, work/identity crisis, or loss, for example. Or you may be wanting to make an important decision affecting your life direction, but you want answers based in spiritual guidance that ensures your highest good and the good of all involved.


These sessions are powerful. Not only will you get clarity – I’ll also help you shift and provide energetic support to move in the direction you need.