Creating Daily Abundance Manifestations


Are you ready to experience abundance in every aspect of your life? Often, when we are wanting to shift into greater manifestations, we encounter blocks, interferences, beliefs and discouragement. We are manifesting in each and every moment of our lives, but do not like what is showing up! How do we shift in such a way so as to create the “good stuff”? This is the class for you if you are wanting to understand how manifestation is working now in your life and how you can shift your results so that they are more aligned with your essence, your passions, and your joy. Whether you are wanting to manifest greater finances, more fulfilling relationships and partners, a passionate and rewarding work life, or even an adventure, this is your opportunity for transformation. With the involvement of and access to higher vibrations and powerful light beings, you will have the ability to shift into a new life of empowerment and abundance. Life will not be the same!

4 classes – $99. MP3 only