Life Transformation

Why transform?


Because you want to be happy and live a life that you enjoy, that excites you. You want to feel connected to energy, to the universe. You want to be excited about what might happen next.

Whether you already know your life path and are completely off-track or you just haven’t started, the life transformation sessions combine an in-depth life review and energetic work to clarify who you are in this world and how to step into your full potential.  We get in touch with your dreams, desires and values, which often can be contrary to the life you are experiencing today.  This is a job from the inside out. We’ll do a lot of inner work to get you back to living from your essence.

In my first session with Leslie, she opened my eyes to the laws of the universe and the importance of communication with my Higher Power and self. After two more sessions, I started to see the pieces of my life’s puzzle come together. Life started to take some truly amazing turns. Leslie knew exactly where to dig in my life to get me to open my eyes to what I was missing – and most importantly, what I was doing to myself. For the first time in years, I can feel the breath of life again. I am finally in a place to say “I am so in love with life and where I am and where I’m going.” I could never have said that if it wasn’t for the coaching I get from Leslie. I am not a new man, I am just stepping into the shoes of the man that I was always meant to be. -RW

The inner/energetic work is clearing the “debris” that prevents you from living your own life and allows you to step into all that you are.  These sessions will provide you with tools and techniques to surface your real desires and purpose.  The result is a personal roadmap, with milestones and individual goals, so that you can have a fully defined plan that works for you.  After these sessions, you will no longer be confused about who you are, what matters to you, what you want to achieve, or what it is going to take to get there.  When you hear the voices of your past, messages of failure, and limiting beliefs, you will know exactly what to do to remain fixed on your life path.

This is a transformational journey that will give you the tools and power to take anything on as you live the life you were meant to live.

Most Effective: Four-75 minute sessions over a period of 6 weeks

Rate: $500 for four, $150 for one.

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