Abundance Authenticity and Courage

Abundance, Authenticity and Courage: Powerful Partners on Your Soul Path

All of us live our authenticity and abundance to varying degrees. To find out where we are, all we have to do is witness ourselves when we experience feeling small, inadequate or challenged. It may show up in the form of shame, coercion, people-pleasing, envy, fear or anger. These feelings shine a spotlight on some area of our lives that is drawing in less than our best. And here is our opportunity.

When we choose to step onto the path of abundance, love, passion and excitement, we are changing direction. We can quickly encounter those places within us where we are afraid to risk change. Abundance correlates to our authenticity. So, if we have been living a life pleasing others, then choosing to live a life that pleases us can feel quite foreign and even challenge our courage. It is like stepping into the unknown. The territory is new. We don’t know all the pathways or even have the tools and equipment. We find we have so much to uncover about ourselves.

So, in the beginning, just out of the gate on this quest for abundance, we get excited about the vision, the joy, the new partner, the inspirational work, the new adventure. Then soon after, we discover that there are risks we must take to step into the new territory. Fear surfaces. We question whether to realign our vision, or perhaps whittle it down and compromise. Who will I be without that life, that person, that house, that money, that security? If we aren’t equipped to deal with the fear, then we choose to remain safe, stuck in a place we have known much of our lives.
Our spiritual path inspires us with abundance in order to move us through the fear. Courage is the grist of that mill. It can move us through fear like nothing else. It is the gas, the muscle, the catalyst. It drives us to push through even when we are tight in our throat and feel sick to our stomach.

We question it. We think, “This can’t be right, I should feel good when I’m spiritual and inspired.” Or, “When I get guidance, everything should come easily.” Here’s the truth of it. Our dreams and inspirations come to help us heal in the broken places. We get inspired so that we can see then clear the blocks, interferences and agreements that hold us in traction. Clearing allows us to live a new paradigm and experience the happiness we always longed for. Depression sadness and anger come when we hold ourselves back and don’t articulate our truth. When we leap to the other side, we discover the exhilaration of an expanded world for ourselves.

Our miracle isn’t just the victory that results from choosing a direction. They are experienced a multitude of times along the way. We are the miracle.

Whenever we step toward something we’ve been shown, we always leave something familiar behind. We encounter then heal another stepping stone covered by fear. Some of us have to make a few rounds until we finally choose to align with our truth. There is no shame in that. We’re doing the best we can and the lesson is there for us to try again. It isn’t a straight road, but the journey is our own. It’s unique to our soul path, and in our own unique way, it gets us to those things our soul desires. For sometimes, when we have a heart’s desire, there are experiences and healings we must have first.

Choosing our own path is a powerful thing. It is not selfish to do what you love. It does not harm others. It may be that you have to release others to their own soul path and let them pick up their own tools for their journey. It may take time to fulfill your dream. Source, the Divine, has not placed a time limit on your achievements. It is the journey toward healing after all.
So what is your lesson in authenticity today? What are you healing through so that you can love and honor yourself, thereby carrying a higher vibration for the world? Now you can draw in and attract circumstances, situations, people and places that align with that new energy you are putting out.

When we step into it, we create a new collection of experiences that are invigorating, not draining. We heal from the wounds of childhood, the ancestral line and other lifetimes. We choose differently. And then we discover we are supported and cared for.

Each fear that is confronted and moved through, with the help of courage, truth and authenticity, takes us to a better, higher version of ourselves, who we were meant to be without all the baggage of our past.

So, here’s to your abundance, laced with your own truth, and powered by your courage!

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