Why Is All This Stuff Coming Up?!!

When we choose to step onto the path of manifesting abundance, love and good health, we are really stepping onto a spiritual (or energetic) path. In the beginning, it’s a lot of fun. We work on our intentions, affirmations and positive feelings. Wonderful things show up, awesome manifestations. We experience a honeymoon.

The further we progress, the more we learn. We are intrigued by the energetic/metaphysical world. We may visit psychics and healers; take classes on chakras, energy and meditation. We read more. We start to find out there is a lot more to all this!

If we persist and go deeper, we discover that many of our desires and wants come from a place of lack. They are about neediness, what we’ve been missing, what we wish we had. We discover emotions that are heavy, angry, hurt. We discover negative, harsh thought patterns that are really driving our bus. We identify beliefs about “how things should be” that come from old family rules. These discoveries start to impact our manifestations. We discover our inner child. We are introduced to our ancestral line and start to examine the generational energetic agreements, some that were tied to poverty, abuse, boundary violations, shame, coercion, etc. We learn about past lifetimes and perhaps do some regressions. We notice repeated patterns in our relationship and job history.

With the right practice, we can clear these old patterns, agreements, and energies. We may get overwhelmed at the prospect of 200 or more lifetimes and the baggage we have to release. Our progression may ebb and flow. Perhaps we fight the idea of “working at it.” We want it to just happen.

As we get help with our field, we learn more about those whose work is effective and work that isn’t. We find that certain practitioners hold a higher vibration and we feel their work, while others are not as effective for us and may be operating from their personality and ego. Nothing moves. We feel nothing.

At this point, some of us may stop all this work. A few discouragements lead us to think this spiritual/energetic business doesn’t work – and why are we doing this anyway?

So what to do? Well, heal and clear! We’re not just on a path to get more stuff in life. We’re on a path to raise our vibration and show up as unconditional love in the world. Our motivations start to shift. Just like growing from being a child to a teenagers to a young adult, our interests and priorities change.

Sometimes, when we are healing, we have to release people and energies that don’t work anymore. We may resist the idea. We are afraid of who we will be without them.

It takes being brave to let go of old programs, old rules, repetitive patterns, and fears, especially if we carry a lot of loyalties. Till now, they’ve held our life together as we know it. But once we let them go and choose to replace them with new programs, a new world of discovery and life potential opens up. Yes, there is a bit of an empty space while the new programs go into operation, but our life starts as an entirely new adventure It takes some courage. We haven’t operated this way before. It’s the unknown. Not everyone is doing it and so we aren’t sure who to talk to about it.

You don’t have to do it alone. You can invite the Ascended Masters, Archangels and healing teams into the mix. Look at who they are. This may challenge your spirituality. Perhaps you have had intuition and psychic gifts, but you didn’t have to rely on any support.

I can promise you that on the other side of healing and clearing is a new way of “seeing”, of putting our energy out into the world. We find that the spiritual hierarchy is actually out there, available to support us. If we have spurned that, then we might check on some old beliefs, even ancestral and past lifetimes for the resistance and even belligerence toward it.

Everything comes up for review, because our intentions were to create a more expansive, powerful, abundant, healthy and loving life. So what is coming up for you? Can you allow yourself to release old agreements and attract in those energies that are more resonant with your intentions? Try it. You can start small. If you’re feeling really heavy energy clouds in your emotional and mental fields, I’d be glad to help you with some heavy lifting.

Ultimately, we are raising our vibration to not only heal ourselves but to heal the world. More of us doing this makes a difference!

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