Ascension and Expansion

Ascension: Completing Old Systems and Expanding Into Higher Vibrations

Ascension and ExpansionIn this time of quarantining, many of us have expressed a massive sigh of relief as we are able to be honest with ourselves that what we have allowed or bought into that sustains our world is now complete, done. That sounds drastic, even dramatic. There may be a part of us that longs to hold on to the old values of productivity, relationships, desires, and the systems that, until now, have held our world together. It can feel a little scary to step outside of those structures.

If you are on the ascension path, you have been experiencing an awareness of dimensional realities that transcend this one. It’s why you’re here. You’re not here just to be another cog in the wheel. These transitions do not make us impractical or useless. We don’t stop earning a living or caring for loved ones. But we do experience a level of detachment and disengagement with old energies and structures that used to “band-aid” our 3D world together. When we release those moorings as pillars of our life construct, of course we will feel a bit untethered in the beginning, as it can feel like we have no direction or just don’t care. We might even think everything will fall apart.

Old values, reasons for being or showing up in the world, and even long-held desires, will fall away as we engage in this dimensional shift. A part of us may want to claw back some of those familiar structures that were held together by fear of loss, abandonment, deprivation, or poverty. This can have us walking a split life, a duality, between fear and unconditional love, which can be painful until we’re ready to be one or the other. During our shifts, we may feel like we are in an empty space, alone. We would prefer to be able to articulate “what this is” or what the plan is. In this time, our spirit is switching gears, identifying the new paradigm, and shedding old identity markers. We’re embarking on a new vibration of identity, creation, purpose, and wellbeing. We are transitioning from old planetary drivers, through some no-man’s land areas, and into the higher dimensional realities where our new purpose, frequencies and gifts can unfold.

Remember that our egoic consciousness “believes” that if we let go of old structures and beliefs, we’ll lose everything and everyone. Source energy would encourage otherwise. Your role and presence matter – as healer, teacher, wayshower, guide, gridmaster. Continue please. Even if the “form” of your offering is changing, this is why you’re here – and for such a time as this.

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