Co-Creating With Source and Expanding Beyond Fear

ManifestationAs we evolve on our spiritual journey, stepping through our initiations, we will experience triggers, those emotional and mental aspects of ourselves that come up to be addressed in our transitions. We can become alarmed by our experience of offenses, wounds, and the emotional reactivity we feel within us to situations in our lives. These aspects of ourselves may have us recoil energetically, as they cause us feel small, victimized, and disempowered. But that is our egoic experience, not the grandeur of our Higher Self.

These triggers that we experience, through whatever circumstances that unleash them, come up for us to heal and transcend. We want to observe from the soul perspective. This may be difficult if our emotional body is holding on tight to its point of view.

If we examine many of our most urgent desires, they come from a place of lack or absence, of neediness, from an ache to belong, to be cared for. When we perceive we are not getting what we want, we uncover some separation thinking. “I didn’t do anything wrong. How did this happen?” The experience of separation can be an opportunity to heal and understand our connection to Source.

Sometimes when we talk about a higher perspective, we might think on some level, “Well, this must mean I’m not going to get what I want. I’m going to have to accept that my desires don’t come through for me.” The perspective of Source is not like that of our ancestral line or our culture. Source doesn’t withhold. Source always provides for us but wants us to evolve, to transform, to heal and to approach our desires from a place of higher purpose and transcendence. Sometimes that transition can feel like a journey through the void. That is because our emotional body carries so many attachments and believes that lack of gratification means withholding and lack of love. Source never withholds love. The graciousness, abundance, expansiveness and unconditional love available to us is incredible. Source does come through.

It is important to go into those spaces of separation and dense emotional and egoic energy so that we can heal, integrate and attract from a higher plane. We are wanting to create at the soul level, from the standpoint of our Mighty I AM Presence. As fears get surfaced, Spirit is asking us to build a bridge (trust) to heal, so that we create from a place of expansive, unconditional love rather than from lack, separation or resistance.

Each of us carries some polarities. When they get surfaced, we want to address them and heal them. If we don’t, we continue to attract from resistance and lack, and the outcome will continue to be unsatisfying. Source energy wants us to come from a place of awareness that we already have everything, that we are already perfect, that we are here on purpose. With that expansion, we draw in better and more lovingly. We discover that those places of separation, polarity, lack and fear can dissolve through a connection with unconditionally loving Source energy. And then we create amazingness.

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