Co-Creation: Attracting From the Soul Level

Law of AttractionWhen we incarnate, we have a soul blueprint, a design for how we show up in the world. We can collect a lot of gunk along the way through our numerous lifetimes. We can also accumulate energies from our upbringing (ancestral line), past life karma and patterning, as well as energetic compromises in our physical, etheric, emotional and mental fields, to name a few. These all play a significant role in how we show up in the world and what we actually manifest.

Sometimes we hear an oversimplification of the law of attraction. What we manifest is what is within, for sure, but the layers are more intricate than that. These layers are multi-dimensional and complex, woven into a unique tapestry with the threads of our soul blueprint; our incarnated personality; the imprint of our family and culture; accumulated fears, wounds and expectations; soul contracts; protective and defense mechanisms; energetic agreements; and a few karmic patterns here and there. All of these can be healed and upgraded, but it takes some time. Some of us have been working aggressively on transforming our field, reaching an ever higher vibrational alignment, which in turn impacts our co-creative outcomes. Others of us have just started or may be progressing  more slowly, carefully. Some of us came into this lifetime very light in our field, having done good work over millenia and cleared a lot of karma. We may become impatient with the time it takes, or “how long we’ve been at it.” But we are shifting and if we look over the last several years, we can see a difference.

Sometimes we translate manifestation into concrete results such as a house, a job, a partner, and/or ample bank account. Other times, we don’t realize we are manifesting exactly what we’ve been asking for. For example, we may have asked for support and we have been put into a position of being a “dependent”. It is uncomfortable — even ego-busting. Or we are being challenged to lower our “walls” to draw in intimacy. That type of vulnerability can be terrifying. Or we’re getting downloads of inspired ideas to create a service, music, healing, a book – all without funding up front – which challenges our personal confidence in our capabilities as well as our sense of security.

We’re also being invited to connect with higher dimensional energies, masters, light beings and ministering spirits — perhaps something that was fun to do in the past as a hobby, but is now becoming essential to trust. Will the spirit realm really come through?

Let’s go deep. Let’s expand our co-creations with Source energy and manifest the next level of what we long to draw in. We may be prompted and guided to heal and shift. Pay attention to what is coming up, so that you can do profound and transformative work and shift what you begin to manifest and step into.

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