Confusion on the Soul Path: What is Going On?

Are you wondering what is going on? Are you sensitive to the planets – or not really sure? Do you experience brain fog or headaches that don’t dissipate, feel exhausted in a way you never used to? Do certain people and places wear you out? Are you concerned you might have chronic fatigue, or that maybe you’re depressed because you just don’t care anymore about what you used to care about?

Welcome to spiritual initiation! You’re on the path! You’ve shifted.  I work with people who can fall into various stages of the spiritual journey, from those just beginning to those who are fairly advanced and aggressive about what they are desiring to achieve.

See where do you fall in the mix.

  • Personal affairs matter most. I care about finances, happy children, respect at my work, a passionate relationship with my spouse, and the approval of my parents. I need it all to work. Can you fix this? Can you tell me what’s going to happen in these areas of my life?  I want to change my loved ones so they choose what I think is right. I don’t really understand the concept of their own soul path or that they have multiple lifetimes to work it out if they “fail” in this lifetime. I’d like to keep much of my life the same, without too much change. I enjoy readings, lectures and spiritual practices as they are tools to relax me, and make me feel better about myself.
  • Active on the Path of Creation. I have studied law of attraction and energy. I have practiced guided meditation and yoga. I understand my thoughts and emotions create my experience – sort of. I’ve made a lot of good stuff happen, but some things – well, did I really do that? Am I not a victim of their meanness and bad energy? Sometimes I feel insecure, afraid and disrespected. I try to think positive thoughts and not put negative ones out there – so why are these bad things happening? How do I stand in my power but not lose too much of what I have? I don’t want to risk losing my partner, job, or family if I go too far off the deep end on this stuff. I have a hard time distinguishing the voice of my spirit from that of my thoughts or emotions. Is this about powering it out with a list of goals?
  • Initiation on the Spiritual Path. What’s going on with me? I’m exhausted. I used to be a high-powered corporate team player. I’ve made a lot of money in my time. My priorities seem to have changed and the conversation and priorities around me feel irrelevant, they don’t resonate with me anymore. Am I going to lose everything? Why do I have this battle between me, my inner child, and my spirit? Why do I feel such total fear and wonder about my sanity? It’s hard to say what I want now. I’ve shifted my energy so much, but I’m still attached to the energies and opinions of others. I have found certain teachers, ascended masters and spiritual practices I resonate with, but don’t know how to own my personal path. What’s the next step? Who can guide me?
  • Probationary Path. I have some tools and awarenesses about the spirit realm now. I know how to work with my energy. I understand that Source/the Universe will support me. I am not “on my own”. I don’t want things for the same reasons anymore. I understand that the negative experiences or challenges I experience are part of my life lessons to shift, release and transcend. How do I do it? Who do I work with? Can you mentor me on the path? Sometimes I feel my ego wants to show off. I don’t just want to manifest abundance anymore just to have things. I want to live a higher purpose, teach, heal, be a light bearer for world service.
  • Discipleship. I have stepped through the soul merge of my personality and my Higher self. I see challenges and events as mirrors and life lessons showing me I need to shift. I can read my own field. I know what my purpose is. I know how to protect my field. I understand my many energy fields (physical, etheric, astral, mental, spiritual), my chakras, my masculine/feminine, my meridians, cords, contracts, ancestral and past life time. I have begun to do some channeling and know the difference between my personality-level guidance and my Higher Self/the masters. Sometimes it is lonely on this path. Are there companions on this path as I continue to shift through the dimensional levels? I understand my gifts and I don’t model myself on what others are or what they do. I know my own truth. I can manifest at will whatever I desire. For my highest good and the highest good of all involved. My desire is to manifest Source, to be of world service.
  • And there’s more…and more…and more…

Where are you in your journey? There is no judgment about levels, only a clarity about where you are. When you feel fear, insecurity, frustration, anger, shame, intimidation, betrayal – all these are opportunities to shift your energy, to end your old agreements that no longer serve you, to release the core fears  and core wounds that you have been storing in your field that have been impacting your health. When we get hit by the “cosmic 2×4”, it’s because we didn’t heed the messages from our spirit’s guidance to make a change. Have you experienced that? I call it “one more time around Mt. Sinai” – we need the lesson one more time because we weren’t yet ready to release. That’s all right.

All these lessons are your opportunity to end patterns, contracts, and choices that no longer serve you, that hold you at a lower vibration, that keep you from manifesting abundance at the level you desire, whether it is the physical, emotional or more spiritual levels. If you find yourself still having conversations with those who hurt you or violate your boundaries or diminish your light, you can choose now, in this moment, to release that need, that agreement, that desire. You can invite in the masters and archangels and allow them to support you, even there in the presence of your “attacker”. Watch what happens. You will be amazed.

There is so much more for you on your journey. Something has been urging you to a higher level of spiritual experience. I’d love to help you go there.  If you’re bogged down in heavy energies that keep you tired, depressed and stagnant, I can work with you. You’re not meant to stay there when you’re such a beautiful light. We’ll remove those energies. Then you’ll learn how to do some of this for yourself. It’s a fantastic journey. Your light is going to shine so brightly for all to see. Start now! What would you like to create today?

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