Create an Explosive Expectant New Day

Create an Explosive, Expectant New Day

We own the day. We own the moment. What are we doing with it, right now? Stop, right in the middle of frying that egg or working at your desk or doing the laundry. Just stop. Where are your thoughts? How are you feeling?

We say we want to so much. We want a different experience. We know we’ve settled. We know we’ve lulled ourselves into a semi-conscious trance so that we can accept what our lives look like and feel like. We’ve even applied some mindfulness and acceptance to it, to just tolerate and be peaceful in our tolerating.

But I say stop now.

For all the reasons you’ve chosen to have what you have right now, you can choose anew. It can be painful, in the path of taking full responsibility, to admit we have chosen what we have. We have chosen our families, we have chosen to be with them, to please them. We have chosen our jobs and our bosses, and explained our fear of losing them due to outside forces such as the economy. We have chosen our friends, and we hang onto them out of fear that we won’t find new ones. We have suppressed our dreams, talents and desires because they aren‘t practical and we’ve drunk the Kool-Aid that they’re not possible and we’ll be poor, abandoned and thrown out on the street if we even think twice about them. We’ve accepted the tantrums of our loved ones should we stop taking care of them and babying them and handling their growth for them, because their fits are too frightening and wearing to overturn.

So, yes, we have chosen what we have. But not everything we’ve chosen is bad. Some of us are living very comfortably. We’ve manifested well. But within us, there’s this passionate live “thing” that wants to jump out of our skin and express itself. We’ve told ourselves we can’t be so irresponsible, so rapturous, so happy, so giddy, so free. So we reel in the rope, bringing ourselves back into containment.

Those are rules. Those are beliefs we have learned from our families, schools and workplace. We have been taught to tow the line, work like a drone, return obediently to our families, support the unconscious emptiness of dinner and after-school/after-work conversation – and convince ourselves it’s meaningful. When it isn’t.

So I ask you again. Wake up! I haven’t said, get a divorce, leave your family, abandon your children or quit your job. What I have asked you to do is to do an “interrupt”. Stop those thoughts right now, right where you are. Identify them and name them. Describe them, their feel, their sound, their significance or lack of it.

Now, do a switch. Think: I’m free. I’m alive. I’m passionate. I love my life. I have power. I am surrounded by support both in the physical and in spirit. I create limitless opportunities to step into all that I am. I meet new people who add sparkle to my life. I shift the energy at my work to expect the new, the unanticipated, the good, the wonderful. I clear out the negative energy all around me, at the dinner table, at my work cube, in the bedroom. I pull out my paintbrushes, my laptop, my embroidery, my syllabus. I open the door to my new life and my heart expands.

As the energy shifts within, so does it do so without, around you, in the family, at work. Some in your life will love it and understand it, others will react and criticize. Water off a ducks back. Allow the goodness. Draw in the light beings for support – you need it. Release energies of “I can’t, I’m too tired, no one will go along with me, I’ll be all alone.” Step into, “I am all that. I can be do and have all that I am. I create a new day, a new job, a new set of friends. I release all limiting beliefs that have kept me held back – until now.”

Can this generate fear? Of course. But isn’t it the fear of the unknown? If the fear feels extreme, then it’s inner child fear from a time you truly were powerless in life and at the mercy of the grown-ups. You are an adult now. Reason with that part of yourself that screams from a place of hazardous imaginings of dreadful outcomes.

Remember, I asked you to stop, to come off of auto-pilot, and to step into the great miraculous anticipation of amazingness of a new life, within each and every moment. Understand that thoughts will come of how ridiculous this whole exercise is, how silly and pointless. But is it? How do you know? How does the family know? Why don’t you test it out? It will require some focus and concentration, but even doing this for 90 seconds can change your world! You’ve got some comfort zones that keep you in place. Now it’s up to you to return to a taste of exhilaration. It won’t kill you. You may finally feel alive again!

Some of you may recall I spoke about crying for nearly two years when I was shifting my life and my energy and discovered the volumes of negativity I had in my field. That often is our first realization, but it has to surface to our awareness to be removed. We have lived on a foundation of what we were told and assumed ourselves that life had to be like. I’m asking you switch out that foundation and see what it is like on a platform off joy, hope, anticipation, passion, freedom, creativity. Invite the light beings, Masters and Archangels into the adventure. Send them ahead, around the blind corner, and get excited about what can happen next. You don’t have to do this alone and unsupported. And then, watch what happens. I hope you’ll write. Remember, even 90 seconds a day is a huge shift. 3 minutes, then 10, then 15. Ah, what could we create? Doesn’t it sound wonderful?

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