Energetic Clearing: The Importance of Detoxing Your Environment

How strong must you be to manifest your dreams and desires?

In my view, you never have to be strong enough to simultaneously withstand a negative, unsupportive environment while you work on your dream. That’s too much for any of us! Once you’ve buttressed yourself against the powerful energies that are disparaging you, you find yourself with little energy left to apply toward the development and nurturing of your dream.

There are three main ways in which our desires can become compromised:

-We are surrounded by negative people or a negative, unsupportive environment
-We carry negative beliefs and feelings about who we are and what we’re capable of
-We carry a lot of heavy energy via contracts, agreements and cords with those who have cross          our path

Any one of these has the ability and force to stop us in our tracks.

Imagine your life where:

–  You are surrounded by positive, supportive people
–  You live and work in a positive environment
–  You are excited and have constant anticipation about all you are capable of
–  Your environment allows you to share and discuss your dreams and desires openly, where you are confident of positive feedback and support.

There is a reason why new plants flourish in a greenhouse, that post-surgery patients recover best in a sterile hospital, that start-ups thrive in a “business enterprise incubator”. These environments are intentionally designed to be controlled, supportive and protective.

What if you were to apply this “greenhouse” approach to your dream or passion? What if you chose to create your own personal incubator, a safe, healthy place where you were able to nurture your dream with all the proper nutrients and controls? (We’ll talk in the next issue about all the reasons you might have for not doing that.)

Don’t minimize the impact of someone’s energy in your life who belittles, criticizes and diminishes your desires and interests. Most of us just don’t have sufficient personal energy to counteract that. You may feel a loyalty to someone in your home who does this to you. You may have been in a “secure” job for the past 20 years and yet it sucks the life out of you. Carrying the weight of those who tell you what can’t be done has stopped many of us in our tracks.

Now imagine your ideal environment, your personal incubator. Imagine the “controls” you would apply that would support your dream. What are they? How do they feel to you? What would and would not be there? What decorations would you put up? What tools would you choose? What media messaging, TV shows, podcasts or music would you play?

Continue to review the people you surround yourself with. Be honest with whether their impact is positive or negative. If your dream is important to you, you’ll make a decision to do some energetic clearing and find new, more fertile “soil” in which to plant your garden. Surround yourself with positive people, positive messaging, and positive feedback. Your output will significantly shift.

If you can’t clean house right away, what can you do? To begin with, keep your dreams private. Don’t engage in negative conversation with unsupportive energies. Leave the room if it is too much for you. Find a safe place to nourish and restore yourself, where you can journal and plan. If you are not “allowed” to have a safe, private place in your own home, then that is a bigger issue you need to resolve about deservingness. What holds you to this environment in which you are a victim of other people’s desires and preferences?

“This is your life. You do not owe your energy or your life to anyone else. No one benefits from your being worn out, exhausted and depressed. Hanging around with people who aren’t going anywhere fast will not motivate you toward your dreams.”

How much more of your life are you willing to let pass by before you decide to step into all that you are? Choose to do it now! And remember, as you shift, you will draw in the people and energies that are aligned with who you are. They will come.

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