Enjoying New Beginnings As the Old Falls Away

When we are in the process of shifting into our new existence that is based on all that we can create energetically, the old comfort zones likely will no longer work in alignment with the new. They feel heavy and negative. While they were safe harbors at one time, now they feel like a dead weight.

When we are creating our dreams and desires, we also step onto the path of clearing the negative energies and agreements in our field that have kept us locked down and afraid of stepping into all that we are.

Moving away from old priorities, roles and the kind of work that we no longer value can be scary on the personality level. It can also be confusing why it is we have such a hard time releasing these old energies. Typically, it isn’t until we try to change that we notice all the opposition in our world.

That is the nature of old contracts and agreements from this and other lifetimes – until now. Your desires are not an accident. This isn’t even the first time you’ve had them. Perhaps you suppressed them up until now, or hid them from your loved ones, just to maintain the status quo, to keep the peace. But something is different this time. This time, you have to do it. These desires come from your soul essence. They are on purpose.

It is an absolute reality that whenever we step into change, into a new way of living, we discover a host of attachments, fears and insecurities we didn’t even know we had. This is very natural and a part of the journey.

Think of it this way. Let’s say you want to get in good physical shape. You decide to change your diet and get a trainer. You begin. Well, you find out that you’re body has to adjust to the new diet, detoxing from the less-than-healthy foods you’ve been feeding it until now. As you work out, you discover muscles in your body that you didn’t even know existed. You’re sore! It hurts! You’re hungry! Worse, you discover that your endurance is not quite what you had imagined it might be. At this point, if you were to listen to your complaining side, you might think, “Forget this! I’m staying in bed. I’m not doing it!” Well, the same can apply to our energetic shift into our desires.

Our dreams and desires won’t get up and do it for us. When we step onto the path of energetically creating our abundance, we are confronted with old agreements that hold us to a lower standard. Our loved ones want us to give them all of our energy, taking time away from our new creations. We are in jobs that drain us or that demand more than we want to give to them any longer. As we develop our desires and passions, fears about our inadequacies can surface and we remember the stinging words of teachers or even parents who told us we wouldn’t amount to anything. We remember how we succumbed to peer pressure at a young age and accepted “reality” once we left school that “this is how things are.”

When we choose to turn that massive ship around, it is first an energetic shift. You have a desire for new beginnings and you nurture it in your spirit. You raise your vibration and draw into yourself the serendipitous, unlimited opportunities and experiences. This is before anything even manifests. You consciously release old, negative agreements and return the energies of loved ones.

You disengage from negative conversation. You may find yourself battling loneliness as you release the old and wait for the new, as you spend time developing your idea and learning about your connection to Source and the limitlessness of all that is available to you. As you shift, everyone around you is noticing. You might experience discord and even anger from others. As you receive intuitive ideas to take action, you may rationalize and say to yourself, “Well, how is that going to happen? Where am I going to get the money for that? Who will support me on this?”

Obstacles always arise in the face of great opportunity. But these are the kinds of obstacles that surface the residue of old contracts, emotions, and wounds that you are ready to release. That is the gift of your dream. True, you could give up because it is uncomfortable, or you may wonder, “If this is so good for me, why does it feel so bad?”

Our desires are always about making our lives better. Our passions come from our soul essence, from the core of who we are. They resonate with us. And ultimately, we are clearing our field to improve the vibration of the earth. From the time of early childhood, we learn all kinds of negativity about who we are and what we are capable of . Each shift you make is your gift to the planet, to your community, to the children coming after you who are watching. You are an example of creating with a new energy, creating before something manifests, creating your heart’s desire when everyone said you couldn’t.

Our comfort zones and our loved ones served us at a time when that was what we could support in our lives. As we shift into the new, we are creating from a place of “Yes!” We are inviting in our light beings and masters, taking advantage of their energy to support us as we step into all that we are.

In this time we are shifting toward what we are creating from within, taking what we are doing within, in our vibration, our soul level experience and pushing it out. We are vibrating with a new resonance, which inevitably will shake up what has been in place to this point in our lives.

Is it bad? No. Is it different? For sure. Will you be poor and destitute? No. Watch what happens as you create from this new place. Not only will you be amazed, but so will others who have been watching you all along. What an inspiration!

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