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Expanding Your Container for Abundance

Abundance is all around us. We are naturally programmed to receive it. So what happens? How do we miss out on so much of the good that is our due? How do we attract otherwise?

Living in this world can create a massive amount of energetic challenges in our field. As we are attracting constantly, we are drawing in experiences and outcomes that resonate with our field.

See yourself as a container. Now, think of a desire you have that you long to attract. Notice where you feel small, constrained, tight, even limited. These are real blocks that interfere with expanding your container to fit your desire.

You ask, well why would I limit myself? The answer to this may surprise you. Fear comes when we think of how massive the result of our desire could be in our lives. Are we big enough to hold it? Attracting the desire could change our lives. Would we be able to handle it? Would we feel like a fraud, pretending to be a princess when we really are just a common milkmaid? Are we smart enough? Would we be able to accommodate the responsibility of those changes?

Once we walk through all the “obstacle thoughts” that surface, we then wonder, how will happen? We surface the fact that we want to control the process, the outcome, based on what we think we are capable of now.

The thing about inspiration and manifestation of abundance is that the Universe can provide inspired guidance that is outside the realm of our current creations. We get nervous. Since the approach is new, how will we know if we can do it?

Try this approach instead. It is definitely riskier, but you’ll be amazed at the outcome. For every objection within your field, still say yes to the dream. For every fear that comes up, tell yourself you are ready to release it. For every obstinate block that causes you to dig your heels in, say yes to releasing it.

Will it be scary? Yes. Will it get you to the desire of your heart? Yes. Will the desire of your heart be good for you? Yes. Will it make you happy? Yes. Will it change your life? Yes. Will it require action? Yes.

Your desires are always coming around so that you can expand your vibration and attract better. When you close down, compromise, modify the dream, get discouraged, and take no action – you just will never know. Your life’s vibration will remain the same as it always has been. You will cycle around the same experience and reactions again and again, until you say yes.

There is a magic wand, but it only works with your participation. If you abstain from participating and want it to all happen without your involvement, you’ll miss the dream of your life time.

What do you have to lose? Well, life as you know it now. Is there support for you in the process? Yes. The universe conspires with you to make your dream come true. Will you grow and transform? Absolutely. And you’ll discover how grand you have been all long.

So why not start today?

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