Expanding Beyond the Fear of the Unknown into Abundance

We could each write a book on the fear of the unknown and how it has stopped us over and over again. There’s the fear of what we don’t know – we have no experience of it. There’s the fear of trusting ourselves, because we could be wrong and make a mistake. There’s the fear we’ll get hurt – physically or emotionally – and we may not be able to handle the consequences. There’s the fear of being embarrassed should we not be perfect the first time we try something. There’s the fear we won’t be loved or appreciated or valued anymore if we take an action. There is simply the precariousness of life that is so core, so deep, so powerfully paralyzing – we refuse to go through it.

And then we live a life explaining why we have what we have, how it is God’s will, how we are content, even satisfied, doing better than most.


We’re so terrified of looking presumptuous or leaping into something without meticulous research. We hear the messages of family, friends, teachers, and bosses – all explaining how we have to be careful and how it is a scary world out there. They convey the sense it all might be something to terrifying for us to handle – should it go wrong. As if it we have only one shot, one chance.  As a result, we accept their apparent truth of the limitations of funds, conditional relationships and already-tried experiences when we could have been so much more expansive!

As an exercise, take a few minutes to explore a time or two in your own life when you stopped yourself. This might not be easy because you’re going back into the personal history of something that was once important to you. It was something you wanted to do and you reeled yourself back in. This isn’t a shaming exercise. Nor does it mean the reasons may not have seemed valid at the time. What we want to do is uncover a pattern that has predicted and created your current reality. It has become a line of justification that probably you have used many times over for not following your dreams, trusting your intuition, or believing Source and the Universe would meet you in the pursuit of your endeavor.

Have you stopped yourself because it would “just kill your parents” or you were certain you would lose your job or you were convinced no one in your life would love you enough to come with you or support you? And so you didn’t go or try or start or create or write or…or…or…Did you eventually settle on a path in life that resembled everyone else’s, only to feel that you had given up on yourself? Do you remember the joy you had before you gave up (even if just in your own mind) and the feeling afterwards when you became resigned to continuing on your current trajectory. It was as if the air went out of the balloon and the joy expired from your life.

Why wouldn’t you feel depressed and even angry? To turn around this pattern seems like a massive undertaking. Some of us give up at the sheer monumental effort we imagine would be required to change a lifetime of patterns.

If I were to say “Start Now!”, would you explain that you live on a fixed income, have people who depend on you heavily, are too old and and it’s too late?

If you did this exercise, be glad. This is your data to unlocking and releasing the patterns that have held you in an unfulfilling life that you thought you had to live. These pieces of discovery hold the keys to why you haven’t stepped into your abundance, joy and passion in the past and what remains in place to stop you going forward.

This is not about castigating ourselves with criticism. This is about identifying core patterns, and even deeply seated wounds that convinced us we weren’t even worthy of our dreams. So, what is your data? Is it the fear of abandonment? Loneliness? Sheer terror of poverty? That truly, no one really loves you and no one will take care of you should you fail? And ultimately that you will fail, that it’s all a pipe dream? Notice the reasonings and explanations that have calcified around your logic, emotions and heart when anyone gets too close to the dream you once had.

This is your time. You can choose any moment in time to be “the time”. Why  not put aside the noisy opinions of others and the so-called logical rationalizations that caused you to falter. You are important. You are here on purpose. You matter. Your dreams were not an accident when they first came to you. Look at them again.  Ask yourself if you could just say YES to them? We aren’t even taking action yet. We’re just shifting the energy by saying yes. This means you can say Yes, in the face of any thoughts that it is too late or you’re too old or you got the wrong degree or you won’t succeed because you never got one at all. Call upon your intuition. Bring in your Higher Self. Experience the inspiration bump that jolts you beyond what you see into the realm where you can bring in the unseen. That’s vision! That’s your miracle. That’s being alive.

It’s not too late.

Let 2015 be the year you say yes, that you step into your gifts, that you give yourself back to yourself, that you allow yourself to enjoy life again.

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