Finding the Source of Your Blocks: Getting Unstuck

Sometimes on the path toward a desire, you may encounter some difficult feelings, even resistance. When this happens, how do you react? Do you shut down? Pull back? Avoid the feeling?

We know that what we resist persists. To still move deliberately toward your desire, pushing past the insecurity, depression or fear, takes some boldness!

When you are moving steadily toward your heart’s desire, you will likely encounter bumps and dips along the way. They come in the form of difficult experiences, “failures”, delays, detours, even rejection. At these times, it is important to be as honest as you can be about what you are feeling in the face of getting unstuck.

So much of stepping into your intentions and desires is inner work. It’s deep stuff. No one else really sees it. Often, the detours get us to confront a part of ourselves and then we must make a decision to stay as we are or choose to clear that energy.

“Getting in touch with your pain requires more courage than taking outward action to step into your goals. Pain is often the crucible in which we confront our blocks that perhaps have been stopping us our entire lives from stepping into our joy.”

Here’s a simple example. Someone (friend, family, or employer) asks you to do a favor. You don’t feel good about doing it, but you agree to it anyway. At the end of it, you feel resentful, angry and used. This is the important moment. Identify why you agreed to it in the first place. Was it to appear agreeable? To be a team player? To avoid criticism? If you had not done it, what would you have risked? Rejection? Displeasure on the part of the other? Something worse?

When you get to the bottom of why you actually went through with the favor, you discover a critical source of unhappiness in your life. It is backed by the belief that if you do what is right for you, take care of yourself and don’t cave into others’ coercive energy, you will suffer something unbearable to you, whether it is rejection, lack of love, or lack of approval. You realize that you believe on some deep level that it is more important to spend your time and energy giving to others rather than giving to yourself that same attention and nurturing.

So how does that mean you go through life? You carry an underlying energy of resentment, a malaise, an overall feeling that you can’t be happy and need to suffer through a lot of your life.

Can you see that that energy stands in the way of drawing to you what you desire?

“To choose to live consciously means that you are not afraid to confront these parts of you, that you care enough about your personal growth and your desires to release the rules and beliefs that have you living a life less worthy than you deserve.”

No one has handcuffs on you. Each day, you make choices. If you make a choice that you realize later was made from the wrong place in terms of your highest good, you can always choose again. It is all right to change your mind.

So here’s the question for you? Is your happiness important enough for you to release what stands in its way?

Next Issue: Why we choose not to clear.

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