Full Court Press or Allowing

From Lethargy to Change to Adventure

All of us have been stagnant in some area of our lives, unmotivated or uninspired to change. Yet we can long for the benefits of change that we perceive as positive, active, fun –  even adventurous. How did we get so stuck? And how do we shift into becoming an active participant in our own lives?

Many of us will defend our entrenchment in certain parts of our lives, seemingly to our death. We will justify and explain why we do what we do and see the world as we do. We explain why we can’t budge, despite internal and external criticism. We’ll see something on TV or online about what we would love to be, do and have, but then not lift a finger, explaining why we will remain on the couch, unmoved.

Why is that part of us so immovable? For one, when opportunity, destiny or change presents itself, it is a threat to a comfort zone, something around which we have built our security. Second, it is a challenge to step into unknown, unfamiliar territory where we may not have expertise, support or confidence. Ultimately, our comfort zones are just that – we need a place to rest, to be comfortable, to feel secure. It comes from our inner child, our upbringing.

One day, when you’re vegging in front of the TV or scanning YouTube videos, make a list of what makes you feel secure and comfortable. Think about why you don’t attempt those “tall mountains” that present themselves as great ideas but “not able to implement.” These often come from traumas. Many of us have had serious educational trauma for example (learned what we are and aren’t good at, shaming and humiliation in front of the class). That kind of trauma drove what we chose to become or not become in life, for many of us.” I’ll never try that.” “I’ll never go there.” “I wouldn’t be good at that.” “I hate math!” Etc. What is your list?

Or family traumas. We’re good-looking/not good-looking. We’re intelligent/not intelligent. We’re too strong, too weak, lovable/unlovable. What did you learn about yourself from your family? And it goes on, to the workplace. These wounds and impressions draw consistent energies back to us, mirroring  our beliefs based on repeated, reiterated experiences.

So now, let’s come into consciousness! I’m writing this to you now because you have been awakened again by that long-held dream to do something. It’s not the first time. You’ve swept it under the rug, hidden it under the couch, put it in the back of the fridge – over and over again. But here we are again! So it’s not too late. What are you going to do now?

What if you say YES this time? Right there on the couch. Say yes. Now, notice all that starts to come up in your power center, your heart space, your throat – tightness that is fear based, confidence based. You long to hide again. So now, keep going. Can you choose to release it? You say YES. Then the next set of fears arises. You realize you will be responsible for your choices if you pursue the thought, the change, the dream, the adventure. You risk reliving the unbearable pain of humiliation, failure and loss. But do you really know that? Is it really true? Can you be certain?

Many of us are ready to leap into this one. What is yours that is surfacing today. You long, deep in your heart, to step into all that you are. Choose today to say yes. Understand that your fear won’t kill you. The painful memories won’t kill you. They are coming up to be healed. Your soul longs to step into life lived at full throttle. It won’t be all chaos, you know that from your logical side. Perhaps it will be messy. But you are an adult and you can bring some control into the picture. No one said quit your job or get a divorce. Just step into it, one toe at a time. Begin. Choose. Allow the old pains and failures and humiliations to be healed. Bring in the masters and archangels, the light beings you work with, and choose now to heal so that you can live that life. Watch the supply occur as you make the first step.

Feel yourself bringing in the higher vibrations. Choose now to let go of the trauma, to forgive, to allow your imagination to ignite, to brainstorm. There you go. Write it down. Don’t lose the thought. And put it in a safe place – no need for instant exposure to potentially unsupportive energies. If you can only do this for 15 minutes or 30 minutes, congratulate yourself! That’ s a long time to hold focus on a thought or a dream. It truly is. Allow support to come in. Continue to allow it flower, unfold. Don’t get mad at the thought when it doesn’t have mature arms and legs yet – it’s still a baby. Don’t trash it.

Do you see where we’re going here? Release the intuitive part of yourself, your mind, your heart, your body in motion – get it all to engage. Bring in your spirit level support. Let your energy shift from lethargy to possibility into action. There you go.

Look at the energy shift you’ve created in just in a few moments. That is the beginning. Because, as we know, it’s all energy.  So, now what can you do? Now where can you go? Often we have massive expectations of performance because we want to go from 0 to 60 in 5.2 seconds. We think we should become a star right away, set a world record in a week, get funding for our business idea within 2 weeks. Our expectations are extreme and come from our inner child who never understood the mechanics of how grown-ups could make anything happen.He/she didn’t have the empowerment tools. But you’re an adult now. Look at all you can do. Show him or her how. Moderate the expectations. You do not need to leap over tall buildings on the first day of your adventure. But you can begin.

Need help with this shift? I’d love to help you launch!

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