Full Court Press or Allowing

Full Court Press or Allowing: Which Is It?

During this powerful time of energetic transitions and transmissions, many of us find ourselves struggling between when to “let go, let God,” and when to take action. Should we be still, meditate and wait for “the download”, or should we go ahead and just do something – anything? Are society and family pressuring us to get in gear and toe the line with traditional manifestations of worldly success while we desperately wait for “more information”? Does it all feel a bit off center?

Many of us are in a period of tremendous life/priority transition. To date, we probably have been disciplined, responsible, highly-functioning and successful people. Now our spiritual life experience seems to be moving us onto a path that almost feels irresponsible, fraught with apparent inaction on certain fronts. We’re waiting on guidance, identifying our core truth, and expanding our fields to draw in abundance through powerful new modalities. We are drawn and attracted to another way of living that seems like the polar opposite of our more functional, socially acceptable selves.

On top of all that, whatever enlightened, healing modalities we learned or mastered in prior decades now feel like they are encumbered and restricted by “rules” and “standards” that don’t allow for the guidance and higher energies we are bringing into our work.

We read books that once used to feed and encourage us – now they ring hollow. What is wrong with us, we wonder? Are we losing it? Are we on some massive life detour?

Have we said yet that these are powerful times? For those of us who are bringing in the new light, the displayed realities of our existence as we have constructed them to this point are under review. We are reevaluating our priorities and are afraid of how dissonant they are to our current desires. What we used to want –we don’t want anymore. What is this?

Many of us are experiencing a soul merge. We are transitioning dimensionally. What is that like? Well, you can feel like you have almost a split personality of sorts. You want the material world experience and yet you crave a higher dimensional resonance where you know the true power and joy resides. Many times you want to connect with these higher energies to deliver to you the material world you long to experience. However, once you move past that, you begin bringing in the higher dimensional energies and priorities into your current existence, rather than using them to create more of the same. Make sense? Is that you?

How else does it feel? For one, you can feel quite tired – bringing in the new energies into your physical is exhausting. You can feel like you have very little to say in conversation – old friends are difficult to be around – you have nothing to say that isn’t pretense. Work world and large crowds feel overwhelming and invasive – it’s as if your energy is being siphoned out of you and there are some mixed-up energies that would love to have a piece of you. If you have been in a strong economic position in your worldly realm, the transition to the higher dimensional level of manifestation can feel scary – you don’t have the rule book yet. You don’t know how it is getting downloaded and manifesting in your daily life. There seems to be a blend of allowing and doing.  Fear can hijack the experience and you potentially get short-changed.

On the upbeat side of things, you are attracting in new energies, teachers, mentors, companions and life work that resonate with you. As you recognize and release the exhausting energies that no longer fit, you experience some going out quietly and some fighting your change.

It can all feel a little scary. A part of us feels as if we’re giving up, letting go, and not caring about “practical things”, wondering if we’re destined for failure and collapse.  In a way we are. The old structures are falling away and we are bringing in a new economy, a new way of loving, a new set of priorities, and a powerful form of abundance that isn’t just based on powering it out, but is also about allowing, receiving, expanding our field to experience the highest, most potent form of divine love and acceptance. If you’ve been here, you know what I’m talking about.

So, is the goal setting and full court press over with? Are we ever going to be “aggressive” again? Yes, but it isn’t as black and white as that. See your life more as a flow between intuitive guidance and inspired action, the download of the higher energies into your earthly existence, the release of the old masculine and feminine energy for the new more powerful divine masculine and feminine. When something doesn’t resonate, don’t do it. When there’s been a tampering of your energy, or you sense some coercion, stop. Listen.

Don’t worry, you won’t be late to the party.  You’re bringing in what you truly need and want. And everyone around you is being affected by your light. Your abundance will be exponential, but it is derived from a different playbook. You didn’t learn this stuff in school! Hold on tight. You’re in for a rocking ride!

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