Goodbye Blocks Hello Blue Sky e

Goodbye Blocks, Hello Blue Sky!

All of us find ourselves confronted by feelings of hopelessness and failure at one time or another. We may give in to the limited or “reality-based” thinking that rationalizes how some things cannot happen or that we’ll stay stuck, that this is “how it is.” We may have severe physical or emotional pain that holds us in a low-level vibration. When we are stuck in that place, it is very hard to shift anything. We become convinced there is no way to change.

Often the depression or sadness from our wounds or sense of loss comes from when we were children. Then, we truly were powerless. We had no money, couldn’t go to the store, couldn’t run away or run our own lives. When those victimizing feelings arise in us as adults, it is an unhealed part of us that is showing up now to be healed – not to punish us. And it truly can be.

We’re in this lifetime to raise our vibration, to get on our soul path, to be all that we are. We can work with the highest dimensional light beings and Archangels to shift, move, heal and expand. The world needs us! So, when we feel the lack of confidence, low self esteem, painful memories, deep wounding, and chronic physical pain – this is the time to invite in those powerful energies and do so repeatedly and often.

Instead of lowering the “expectations bar” to match the victimized, rejected feelings we have, we need to bring in the Ascended Masters and Archangels to show us the impact of such a massively high vibration on our “reality”. We lower the bar because we don’t want to feel the pain. It makes sense. We just can’t bear it. We may even cloak our limited thinking in “logic.” It’s the economy. This is how it is. These are the only kinds of jobs I get. Why set ourselves up for rejection?

I’d like you to try something different. Let me help you with this. Don’t dumb down your dreams because you think they are “too blue sky.” If you got the idea, then it’s available, but only because it is time to heal and raise your vibration.

We need a healing and clearing because our desires are on purpose. But they will surface unhealed wounds. And that is the Universe’s way of getting us to our healing, to the highest version of ourselves. I challenge you to take the time to bring in the Ascended Masters and Archangels so that you can feel the shift of the energy in your field. With so many lifetimes of wounds, with the ancestral energies you’ve been carrying, it’s time for you to get some relief in your emotional field, your chakras, your meridiens. And then you start to live differently, you find out you are not out there “on your own”. You’ve got a whole team that shows up for you to support you in every step you take. But you must allow it, you must invite them in.

If you’d like for me to help you clear out these blocks that have bogged you down for so long, I’d like to do a session with you. You are going to be amazed at what happens for you. Write me and let’s transform your energy into creating something beautiful.

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