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Guidance, Risk and Change: Powerful Abundance Trio

We all know the saying, “We can’t keep doing the same things over and over again and expect different results.” We understand this intellectually, but all kinds of emotional baggage surfaces when we begin to create something new, to launch in a new direction. Terror rises as we fear the experience of the unknown. After all, we learned that anything unknown can only turn out badly.

Guidance comes from Higher, Infinite Mind. It doesn’t follow the well-worn tracks of our old habits and patterns. Taking a risk means trusting that the guidance from Infinite Mind will turn out well, perhaps even have a positive outcome. We change – and our situation changes – as the result of following guidance and taking a risk.

But what if we make a mistake? What if we make a fool of ourselves? What if it fails? The terror we feel often comes from our inner child. Many of us are walking about in adult form, going to work, raising children, managing a household. etc. But the terror that surfaces is generated from our own inner child who was powerless, had no money, didn’t have job, couldn’t drive, couldn’t go to the grocery store, couldn’t even run away.

The gift we can give ourselves is to heal the inner child within us so that we don’t fear change or something different and new – which leads us to our abundance.

Other areas that get triggered? Our ancestral line. If members of our family grew up in difficult circumstances and transferred their fear to us, then we are going to believe that their fears are also true for us. Money doesn’t grow on trees, etc.

Messages about failure are also easily identifiable. Many of us were only allowed to fail once. If we created a business and it didn’t get off the ground or we “lost” some money, then heard about it repeatedly any time we had new ideas, then we have been groomed to understand not to try again. We don’t stop to look at the positives, whether they were lessons learned, contacts made, tweaks to the concept, etc.  It is rare that anyone succeeds perfectly the first time at anything, but somehow we expect ourselves to do just that.

When we step into Law of Attraction work, and are doubling down on our affirmations, what we fail to appreciate is what the struggle is about. All steps toward abundance are tied to healing and shifting our vibration. The guidance we received was on purpose. We don’t hide the wounds that get exposed on our abundance journey. Rather we heal them along the way. And, we learn how supported we are by Source and the Universe.

Abundance is always about healing. When we get guidance, that inspired idea, we get excited. If we don’t watch carefully, what I call “The Rationalizer” comes in and steals our excitement and inspiration. It starts telling us that the idea is too crazy, too out there, we need make it more reasonable more like, well, what we’ve done before (and gotten the same results).

We can compromise our guidance right down to the level of complete powerlessness. We can make sure we call a lot of friends who would agree (mirroring your fear) that we had better either implement a watered-down version of that guidance, or just not do it at all.

And then you know what happens? One more great idea becomes the fodder of the “It failed” stories in our repertoire. The truth is, we got into fear, we watered down the guidance, and we didn’t follow through exactly as it was delivered to us.

If we’re not careful, we start blaming Source, or Infinite Mind, and even the Law of Attraction, failing to notice the energy we were putting out of our field. The LOA does work. We just have to be aware of what we’re putting out there. Guidance always comes with a message to step out on something new. We have to take a risk. Risk involves change. But most of all, it involves healing.

As a gift to yourself, start writing down the guidance that comes to you. Notice what “The Rationalizer” does immediately after you receive the guidance. You can even write down that statement which typically begins with “how are you going to do that?” if you have the courage, take action to step into the guidance you get. It often comes in a place of insecurity, a place where we aren’t entirely confident. Then step into it.

Then write me. Tell me what happened. Abundance comes from you stepping onto the path of your higher self. It involves risk and change. If you struggle with that, then you are confronting a place in you that needs healing. Let’s heal the wound that showed up, so that next time, you can fully step into the guidance and experience that wonderful change that will bring you joy and excitement, that will invigorate you about your life.

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