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Healing and Desire: Strong Partners for Manifestation

We all have desires – what we’d like to create in our world, for ourselves. It is a part of being human. What no one may have prepared us for is that we have energetically imprinted patterns and woundings in our field that have the power to stop us. And most of us have given over our power to them. If we don’t know that we can clear or heal these patterns, then we experience that well-worn feeling of continuously paddling upstream. All effort drains us. Even people drain us. We may feel hopeless to change. And we stop. We wake up the next day to live our lives just as we did the day before.

The healing and clearing journey arises because the desire or the blocking wound arose. We wouldn’t have noticed it otherwise. Without those, we wouldn’t have awareness that we were living outside of our truth.

Some of us are physically challenged with severe handicaps. Others of us have emotional wounds that block us. Some of us live or work with controlling people who have a clear idea of who they think we are, what role we perform and what we are or are not capable of. Often even this fits a familiar pattern.

If we are on a spiritual, metaphysical or energetic journey, then we might be open to the following as an alternative point of view. First, every fear that comes up represents an area of potential healing. It is not there to stop you in your tracks. Second, our desires involve change. If we’ve been taught to be frightened of change, that change can be harmful, we will stop there.  Third. our happiness can feel scary. There’s an aspect of it that is uncomfortable, that even feels a bit out of control. And that only comes up because we know we could do it.

Your deepest desires are based in your soul essence. Below all the surface planetary life we get sucked into, there is your truth and your truth will not mislead you. You just weren’t taught to ever follow your truth, to believe in it, to value it. If anything you were told to embrace someone else’s concept of truth. No wonder we can get depressed! This is a completely new kind of journey. But it is powerful, transformative and will lead you into living a radically new life. Are you game?

Before you start thinking about how small, helpless and powerless you are, let’s consider the following: The finite mind wants us to run all ideas through it. If the inspiration doesn’t make sense to the finite mind, it will help you shut it down so all things can stay the same.

Our wounds can also dowse the joy. They speak to us about past failures, of not getting hurt again, of not upsetting others. Penetrating deeper, we find that there is an extra layer of foreboding: the perception that “this time”, we won’t recover, we won’t survive. How horrific!

Our emotions can round out the full perception of failure, lack of support, hopelessness, hurt, and feeling small. We learned nothing about our grandeur, our capabilities, our uniqueness, our talents. If our inner child was pretty banged up in life, the scream of horror can be deafening.

Memories of past failures, shame and criticism can also kill the spark. Don’t go into that dangerous neighborhood! Remember what happened the last time you were happy/inspired/excited. It blew up in our face. No one helped us or rescued us. The criticism we received was devastating.

Finally, there’s the conformist mind meld – everyone else can handle this life. You too should suck it up and deal, like they manage too. We would never say it, but we are basically asking ourselves to kill our souls so that we can handle earth life.

So what do we do? How do we turn this around?

The first leap is to understand that on this powerful, energetic journey, there are energy frequencies, light beings, and support teams that are available to us. If we’ve never had any support in our lives, this can be a tough one – especially if we can’t see them.

Second, when we get guidance or inspiration to step in a direction, it doesn’t follow our finite mind. It isn’t going to fall into the control mechanisms we’ve put in place. We almost want to grill the support team with questions like, “How are you going to handle this? What are the steps? What does the outcome look like?” It is amazing how we can just kill our dreams if we can’t map it out.

Third, healing is so, so powerful – and it is the ultimate goal. If we are suffering from deep depression or have illness in our physical body, we can get relief. It is truly amazing how this happens. The result is that we begin to feel like we could take the inspired action that was shown to us.

But then another part comes up.

Thoughts like, “This is temporary. It won’t last. I’m not strong enough. No one will support me. How will I do it all by myself? Where will I get the money/time/consistent energy/etc.?

This is often an inner child message. Remember how time worked for the child? It was excruciating. So if you get guidance to apply for a program or to start putting aside money, or to join a group to make new friends, the idea of “how long will all this take” comes in and you can talk yourself right out of it.

So a familiar pattern — if we are healers or operate in a support role at work and/or in our families — will be to rest up, get our energy restored, and then go right back out to give away our energy again. Our dreams, goals and desires go by the wayside. Our pattern is to heal and support, get drained, then heal and support again and again. As obvious as it is to write about, it is subtle, so it takes some real observation to notice we’re doing it.

If we come to realize that every wound, block, or fear is there to be healed, then we can start our own healing process, transform and move forward. If we don’t accept this, then we’ll stay where we are. It will be safe, but it won’t be fulfilling. You came here to be so much more. Allow for that!

Need help? I am able to work with you to heal these core wounds, shift old ancestral agreements, and introduce you to the light beings and healing teams that can support you though your next steps. It can take a little time to clear the layers of overgrowth so that you can step into your life, but it will be amazingly powerful and you’ll find yourself getting excited to step into your true, wonderful life. You are worth it.

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