Creating In The Moment

How guidance, inspiration and action generate abundance

Creating In The Moment

So how does it work?

When we align our energy field (spirit, emotions, mind, body), we can create all that we desire. What we desire does not come from a place of desperation or need. It comes from a place of resonance within our spirit. It’s a good thing. It aligns with who we are.

We can have a desire but can fear what will be asked of us in terms of action. Fear can completely stop our manifestations. We may wonder, well, why do I want to stop my desire? The answer is the fear of change, the fear of failure – that we can’t do it, the fear that we are receiving a unique instruction for action and “no one else is doing it.”

We may have a sense of inadequacy – we may not be good enough to make it happen. We lack confidence. We may have wounds that we need to heal in order to step into our desire. Sometimes, this leads us to a standstill and we end up doing nothing, changing nothing, staying where we are.

Spirit works with inspiration and direction first, manifestation second. When we get an idea or direction once we say yes to our desire, we must take action, in order for energy to move forward. If we don’t take it, then nothing moves. Nothing happens.

Where do we learn to hold back from what gives us such immense joy? We fear we will fail, lose money, lose love, be out on the street. Our imagination goes to the catastrophic. We assume the universe and spirit are harsh, as the world can be sometimes.

Living life through spiritual alignment and inspiration is different. It involves opening ourselves to the full potentiality of all we are without reservation or hold back.

We can open ourselves to a partial potential and that is not failure. The amount of energy we invoke actually “scales” the size of our manifestations – bigger or smaller, depending on what we have the stomach for. Look at the times you have received and followed guidance. Did you modify the direction you received in any way? Did you “downsize” it? Did you change the language of it? Did the idea seem too wild, too out there?

Let’s try another approach. Let’s allow the inspired idea. Let’s allow ourselves to step into a direction with our energy. When we encounter the fear, let’s decide to heal and clear our field of the obstacles and wounds. We can do this by invoking the higher dimensional energies and choosing to release the blocks, agreements and fears that don’t serve us. Those feelings of lack, failure, and victimization are patterns and imprints that can be shifted and moved out. We can have a new beginning. Even in the midst of the chaos we stand in, we can turn our “energetic” ship in a new direction.

It may be small steps initially. We may become impatient that we can’t move things faster. But let’s give ourselves credit that we are moving in a direction of manifestation that is quite courageous.

You are worthy of your dream. Give yourself the gift of transformation. You can do this! Need some help with the heavy lifting? I’m glad to work with you to get you going in the direction of your desires, even if it seems like you’re starting from a very low place. We’ll get you going again.

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