Learned Fears and Embracing the Unknown

Learned Fears and Embracing the Unknown

We manifest all the time, whether good or bad. We know our beliefs, our feelings and our predisposition can filter and color our view of life – the events, experiences, opportunities, and people who show up and participate with us.

When we make the choice to upgrade our vibration and shift our energy into opportunistic co-creativeness with Source, we can find ourselves running headlong into our fears, even some negativity that lies right beneath the surface until roused.

Our negative world view can be cloaked in language like, “This is just how things are.” “At least I have a job.” “You don’t get everything you want.” “At least I have security now.” “At least I’m not alone.”

What is “security” anyway? Underpinning whatever we use to create it is the sense that we will be safe and taken care of. It is the absence of worry, that we’ll be okay. Each of us achieves this differently. Our culture can tell us what security equals, i.e., a stable job, a retirement fund, a home we own, loved ones, etc. We can also create security by surrounding ourselves with the familiar, comfortable and known. The problem is when we confuse security with being happy. They aren’t the same. The fact is, we tell ourselves that even if we don’t like our job or our mate, we just feel better knowing they’re there. We know the rules. They make sense to us. The “devil we know” is more comfortable than the devil we don’t. There can be fear in embracing the unknown.

Once or twice in our lives when we felt joy or passion or got “too happy”, we checked ourselves, reeled it in, making the prudent decision that it wasn’t practical, wise, or safe to step into that hobby, experience, adventure, or business.

Much of our life was spent learning the crucial lesson that it wasn’t safe to trust ourselves or our intuition. What if we made a mistake? What if something went wrong? The implication was that we might not recover.

To leave the moorings of safety and security and embark on a life of opportunistic co-creativeness and joy with Source, we have to appreciate that our happiness matters. We also have to question the truth of the assumptions we have gone so long not questioning at all. Can we take care of ourselves? Yes. Can we trust ourselves? Yes. Is it important to be happy? Yes. If I’m happy, does that mean everyone else will be unhappy because of me? Not necessarily. But why do they matter more than you do?

Stepping into joy and creative abundance involves redefining what matters to us.

Our soul and spirit are cry out for joy, happiness, abundance, expansiveness, love, creativity, power and adventure. A conflict can ensue within as our habitual selves try to reign in “this foolish talk”, explaining how it isn’t possible. We can’t take a vacation because the money isn’t there, for crying out loud. Don’t you see? We can’t quit our job because it’s foolish to quit your job if you don’t have another one lined up. We can’t take time out for our passion because our family won’t allow us that extra hour, except once they’ve gone to bed and don’t need us anymore. Only careless people or rich people just go off half-cocked and change their lives on a dime.

Casting off learned fears means choosing to trust Source, to trust that we can shift from the negativity and fear into an abundant, expectant view of the Universe. We change to trusting that all things are possible, that what we don’t know doesn’t necessarily have to be terrifying.  That we can step into a new, as yet undefined reality of our own creation that has yet to manifest. It’s in the hopper. It’s being born. We’re shifting our energy to draw in the support. We’re releasing old agreements that have kept us bound. Choosing to step into abundance means opening ourselves to the unknown, to the support of Spirit, to our intuitive guidance. It means clearing out old ancestral energies and lifetimes of core fear that dominate and control us. It means choosing new playgrounds and playmates that are supportive of what we desire to be and manifest. It all means change.

Allow yourself this gift. Create your meditative intentional period of the day. Invite in your light beings. Get an energetic clearing session to help you release the energies that at are not a match for you, so that you can step through your fears and find how many of them you have outgrown because they come from childhood when you felt powerless.

Just begin. Just start. Do something today that gives you a taste of how truly joyful your life can be.

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