Secret to Abundance

Magic in the Void: Secret to Abundance

When we experience loss we wonder, what happened? Did Source let us down? Did people? Did we fail? Should we be ashamed? Are we coming up short? Who deserves the blame for putting us in this situation, for abandoning us in our hour of need? Is it our loved ones, our bosses, our children, the economy?

Some of us might go a bit deeper and ask, what in our field attracted this to us? What are we in contract or agreement with? And why? Why would we have wanted this loss or suffering? And why does it all feel so familiar? Are we mirrors for this experience?

Worse, we wonder, did we self-sabotage ourselves, aligning our energy with a familiar story of poverty, sadness, loss and abandonment? Did something come our way that was just too good? Do we have an invisible threshold that caps the abundance we allow ourselves to experience?

Did our step into the void come suddenly, or did we ignore signs along the way that took us down that path? Even when all the signs indicated things were taking a definite direction, we might have remained stuck and then were stunned by the eventual manifestation of the result.

Finally, did we talk to our friends about how unhappy we were with the situation, how we didn’t want it anymore?

So we look for the clues. And this is when the language around “what went wrong” gets murky. The void can be a powerful time for us to release old attachments, preferences and beliefs that no longer fit us. It is an opportunity to clean our internal house, to get rid of energies, circumstances and people that no longer fit, and to reignite our authentic desires. It’s a crucible to reconnect with our essence. It is NOT about failure or being ashamed.  Our spirit is trying to get our attention, asking us to move higher, to shift, to transform.

When we let shame and pride control the void, we may isolate or hide evidence of our pain and sadness from others, pretending emotions that aren’t authentic. This crucible of the void almost forces us to be authentic, to get to the core of who we are, of what matters to us and whether we want to continue on a particular path. Your path is not accidental, it’s on purpose. Every event, person and opportunity is designed and coordinated with your spirit’s desire for growth and transformation. Your spirit is ready to move into something more, bringing all energetic agreements from your last phase into completion.

It may not look pretty when we’re walking through the void. We can slap on some makeup, change our clothes, walk about with bravado, perform acts of desperation, but the Universe knows and the hiding is about fear.

So let’s get honest in this void so that we really transform and experience our abundance.  What part of you was done with that last act in your life drama? Perhaps you realized there were some complex layers to your situation. You like having a companion, but not one who is disrespectful of your grandeur. You want security, but are done with getting it at the expense of submitting to bad behavior from another. You love the social aspect of going to work, seeing your friends, and feeling productive and vibrant, but can’t go another day hating what you’re doing. You’ve tolerated all this because you didn’t believe you could create better.

Those beliefs, energies and agreements have manifested themselves into your reality. The void has a purpose. So what now?

What if you could design your next phase based on new intentions, new energies, self-honoring and self-empowerment? What if you could shift into an expectant energy of desire and hold it, right where you are, and watch everything change?

Be brave enough to unveil your truth. Examine what has driven your daily choices until now, and what has created the relationship stagnation, dried-up finances, isolation, and even boredom.

And now decide if you’d like to release those agreements and fears. Your spirit has brought you to this point to let you know you can take care of yourself, you can create your own finances, and you can attract respectful companions. You may not be certain, but deep down you know it is true.

If up until now, you have trusted others to support you financially or emotionally, this may be a moment to shift. If up until now, you had family around to let you know you weren’t alone, this may also be a moment to shift. Now is the time to create and attract in the new.  When you do this, you suddenly realize how truly powerful you are. So choose yes now. Accept the power. Accept the desires you have. Draw in all that you are. Identify the blocks and interferences and release them. When you hear the voices of family, friends, and anyone else who has projected their fear onto you or silenced you, ask again, am I willing to let this go? It is definitely change. But that is your magic in the void. You are making a change in your energetic field, with the help of guidance.

Invite your guidance team into the process at this point, the Ascended Masters and Archangels, your ministering spirits. Let them participate with you and help you to shift your energy.

This is your moment in the void. Instead of remaining in the depths of sadness and loss, give yourself permission to release them and turn your path toward the new direction being revealed by your spirit. You don’t need to hold on to those emotions or thoughts. Bring in your powerful team. Allow them to help you shift your energy. Stand in your desires, not from a place of need and lack but from unlimited abundance of Source. Let go of the helplessness. If you can do it for 5 minutes a day, hurray! If you can do it for 30 minutes, even better! Every day, start over with this. You will, without question, experience a shift and change in your life. I promise you. This moment is a portal to the new world of you.

Let’s let go of the story of our loss. Let’s start telling a new story. This one is about what you’re creating. And when you start going down that old path, singing that old song, stop yourself. Tell yourself what you are creating in that moment. And you will. The lens of “loss” and “emptiness” can be replaced with a new one that sparkles and generates excitement. This is your new ground to create, intend, attract and articulate. Pay attention to your field and notice what brings the clouds, what reignites suffering, what chooses suffering over creating the new. Then ask yourself, am I ready to move into my new life or do I need to stay a little longer in this? There is no judgment, but perhaps put a time limit on how long you would choose to stay there.

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