Moving Yourself Into First Place – Prioritize Yourself

It is easy to talk about standing in our power when we aren’t challenged to do anything. But once a desire or intention inspires you and gets you excited, that’s your moment to let the rubber meet the road. We all have places in our lives where we are strong and others where we hold back, keep silent, stay small, and allow others to have their way.

Try something now with me. Choose something you would like to have or experience in your life. Here’s an example. You want some creative time each day, but you haven’t found a way to get it. You think, “I’ll wait until I’ve gotten home from work, made dinner, everyone has gone to bed and doesn’t need me anymore.” What’s wrong with that picture? For one, you’re typically exhausted by then. When you wait to step into your creativity outside of your best creative time of day, you’re too tired and no longer inspired. You just don’t follow through, you don’t prioritize yourself. Even if you do, it’s not your best work, is it. You certainly don’t have the same energy that you had when the inspiration came to you.

When you stay in the same patterns and choices, your day can proceed as it always has. You go to work, take care of the family, and before you know it, you haven’t done anything about that inspiration.

On the surface, that can seem reasonable. After all, the idea just came to you. You convince yourself it will still be there later. But life can take over if you don’t do an interrupt on business as usual.

When we don’t do what we care about, regret sets in. We go back to our despondency, lack of joy, toleration of “what is”. We commit to a life of “contentment” rather than one of exuberance and excitement. We convince ourselves that we didn’t have it in us anyway, we aren’t that talented, we weren’t that serious, and it’s just not possible. The inspiration dies on the vine. How sad!

Let’s turn this around. Let’s shift the energy. I want to help you get rid of some of the blocks in your field, the old agreements that have you living so far below your potential, the partners, friends and work environments that drain you and convince you that you are less than the wonderful being that you are.

Whenever you step into change, there may not be anyone around rooting for you in the physical. But your Higher Self and the Spirit realm are ready to support you. Invite them into a quiet time when practice your intentional meditation and visualize receiving your idea. Stay with your intention.  When a block or fear surfaces, choose to release it, to give up any old attachments that don’t support you. Let me help you. Watch as we put a fire under your personal roadmap that moves you in the direction of all that you are.

Sometimes we think our visions and ideas are just wishful thinking. Actually, it’s magical thinking. It’s connected with your essence, your passion, your joy, your soul. Allow yourself the luxury of your dreams today. Put some legs on them. Write about them. Get excited. Align your intentions and energy together. Watch the dream unfold bit by bit. It will happen. Recover the excitement and anticipation of life.

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