Planting Your Desires in Fertile Soil to Create Abundance

In the previous article, we talked about creating a supportive environment in which you can nurture your desires and passions. Let’s look now at your internal environment.

To do this, go into a quiet space and get centered. Practice some slow, languid breaths, bringing the focus to inner world. Now, connect with your desire or intention. Make sure it is something that matters to you.

Now do a scan of your body’s energy. Notice where you feel good and where you’re feeling uncomfortable or tight. Observe the thoughts and feelings that surface for you. What do you hear yourself saying about that desire? Be as honest as you can with what you find. Our initial tendency can be to justify, blame or deflect, explaining why we’re in the situation we’re in, or why it’s reasonable to hold onto our belief.

Don’t judge yourself. Just take the thoughts and feelings as they come. Write them down if you like. Some of what you think may seem quite harsh. Unfortunately, these harsh thoughts are what we are doing to our own selves. No one “out there” is in conversation with you. These are in your field, occupying space, choking your dreams.

“It isn’t as relevant to get to the bottom of why you think this way. It’s more important to decide what you want to do now. Do you want to keep them or not?”

So, why would you keep them? In many cases, these thoughts have protected you from taking risks that might result in failure or rejection. They’ve kept you safe in your comfort zone.

Why might you want to remove them? Perhaps because you are ready to step into a new life and are ready to experience the full power and joy of your essence. Perhaps you are ready to create abundance.

Hearing the negative voices can be a withering experience. They can stop us in our tracks. Unfortunately, many of these messages came from the ones closest to us. To undo a lifetime of these thoughts and messages can be daunting when we begin. Our energy field may simply shut down. Be gentle with yourself. For example, if you had an attachment to the source of that belief, the one who characterized you and your capabilities, there may be some cords and attachments associated with that person. During your quiet time, you can work with your “spiritual team” to release these. I can also remove them for you, speeding up the process.

As you step deliberately into your intentions, you will continue to encounter layers of contracts, agreements, and beliefs that have accumulated over this lifetime and and perhaps other lifetimes. Many may not even be yours. Not enough can be said about how worthwhile it is to clear these blocks so that you can step into your exceptional life.

When you look back a few months later, you will be amazed at the new life you have created.

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