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Protecting Your Intention from Sabotage: Realize Your Dreams

Stepping into an intention can be exciting, so much so that we want to share it. Our more trusting self wants to share everything, to tell others what we’re doing. We long for them to get excited with us, even happy for us. This comes from a deeper place within us that wants to be truly loved.

“The wiser, more discreet part of us knows that while we might desire the ideal of supportive friends and loved ones, very often, people have their own agendas – or even fears – and can be less than supportive.”

Why is this? Typically, it isn’t because they don’t love you. Often, it is because they don’t love themselves. Supporting you would mean they would have to believe that the same is available to them.

Having a dream can be a lonely road. We don’t want to hear that. It is so natural to want others to be on our wavelength and to be loving and supportive. Then we will perhaps step into our dream, we think. Here’s a happier spin on the situation. Sometimes we’re being asked to trust ourselves more fully and to also rely on Source to bring us all that we desire. It’s a part of growing up in Spirit, of spreading our wings, of learning to trust ourselves.

Before you share with others, allow yourself to first get stronger with your dream. Nurture your “baby” in the incubator of your heart. Let it grow, learn to walk and talk. Practice listening to your guidance, your intuition, to your Higher Self without the opinions or fears of others. Later, when you are stronger and more established in your path, you won’t be as fragile.

“This is critical, because as it is, many of us give up too quickly and become discouraged without the support of others. We do not want to use others as the reason for our own unwillingness to believe in ourselves.”

While in your “secret garden”, allow yourself to take some actions that are in line with your joy. Learn what your own joy feels like. Observe where you feel joy and where you feel fear, anxiety or disappointment. Notice what makes you feel good and what doesn’t, who your true friends are and those who aren’t, what you enjoy doing and what you don’t. You are your own excavation project, your own archaeological dig. Let this be fun.

“Discouragement will come. It is your job not to lose sight of the big picture, the dream, the desire.”

You will be amazed when you look back six months later, or a year later or three years later. Few people achieve big dreams in a hurry. They grow, they learn, they experience the occasional setback. A setback can give you pause, but you don’t stop completely. You will realize your dreams!

When you are stepping into a dream or a desire, not many people will understand in the beginning. They may have their own ideas of how you should manifest, what is the “right” way. I’m sure you’ve experienced this a few times with other ideas you have had. This time, do it differently. Keep your dream close to you. Stay open with Source and your guidance. Draw in the supportive energies and watch what unfolds. You will be thrilled. And then, when they ask you, “What did you do?” you will be able to share from a place of strength and positivity, in a way that encourages them to step into their own dreams.

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