Re-Igniting Your Personal Power for Manifestation

Personal power is related to standing in your own authority. Now, hold this thought for a moment. It is one thing for you to read those words; it is entirely another for you to actually take them in and consider how much of your personal power you currently allow. The key to living at choice, or at cause, in your own life (which is tied to living in alignment with your essence), is stepping into all that you are.

Stepping into all that you are means you make a deliberate choice.

Sit with that a moment. Consider four or five different categories in your life and ask yourself, what am I doing that is through deliberate choice and what am I doing in passive reaction? Now, both require action, right? It’s not like you’re just sitting there. It takes movement to make breakfast, go to work, go to the bank, pick up the kids, put them to bed, etc. I’m talking about the injection of personal power into your life, the insemination of your own authority into each moment.

As I have said before, do an inventory as if you were on your own personal archaeological dig. Examine where in your life categories you make deliberate choices each day and where you load up on the “should’s” or the “have to’s”. No judgment now! Just do the exercise.

Now do something similar with deliberate choices. Sadly, for many of us, it may feel as if we make hardly any. An example will be, once my children grow up, then I’ll live my own life, go on that trip, go to the museums, learn how to ski, etc. It is an attitude of putting ourselves and our choices in the future. We somehow think that suddenly, we’ll exhibit personal power.

In this moment, I would like for you to consider that you are using a delaying tactic due to fear of the unknown, or fear of people pleasing or the fear that is based in not knowing what will happen to our comfort zones, our loved ones or our jobs were we to step into personal power and choice.

This is where we find out how terrified we are of our own authority, our own dreams, our own passions. So here, I would ask you to relax, it’s okay. No one is making you do anything yet. Just acknowledge the reality of this. The reason we have fear of our authority is that very young in life we began our training in Earth rules that told us that personal power was not good, we needed to toe the line, we learned how to behave through school, then in the work world, then in our marriages, then into raising children who would do the same, etc. To suddenly recover that personal authority, independence, joy and authority we felt at the age of 3 or 4 is like going back into a painful trauma period in our lives when we were advised that who we were was not okay. There is a sadness and grief at the loss of this power.

To go in and recover the authority we have, we first acknowledge the loss of it. Then we remember what we loved, what we wanted, when we were happy, the joy we had, the fun we had, whether we liked one kind of music or another, one type of dance or another, one language versus another. We begin to make the inventory of what we loved. This too is scary. Why? Because we see the gap between who we are in this moment and how we are living, compared with what brings us true joy and passion.

I challenge you to consider this moment of discovery as your “new beginning”. Take it in. Start laughing and enjoying the passion, the joy. This is the groundwork for real manifestation.

Do it in the privacy of your own thoughts, your own room, or a local coffee shop. Write it out. Get a journal where you can detail these enjoyments. Laugh, laugh, laugh. Smile! Thrill your own heart. Notice you don’t need anyone else in the room to make you THAT happy!

So, back to personal authority, do you see how it was lost? Do you see what happened? You’re not alone! Everyone came into this world as a baby and got sidelined, unless they had some incredibly aware parents or had the fortitude to withstand the external pressures. It’s all right.

For now, don’t worry about making anything happen yet. But I would tell you that in this very moment of laughing joyously about your passions and desires and personality quirks and humor, you have turned the ship with your energy. You have begun the process to find your way back to living at choice!

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