Energetic Clearing

Why Clear Energy?


Often when we hit the same blocks and issues over and over again, there is a need for energetic clearing and an understanding of what is consistently hindering the fulfillment of abundance and love in their lives. This work includes the removal of negative cords, astral and etheric debris and implants; chakra clearing and alignment, upgrading of contracts, and work with your Akashic records.

Typically, when we want our energy field cleared, we have experienced repeated, destructive patterns that we just can’t get rid of.  A common way you might recognize an energetic issue is when your “buttons get pushed”.  It always happens, it happens the same way, around the same kind of people, in the same situations. Another way you might experience interference is that you find yourself attracting the same types of energies over and over again, whether in public, in work situations, in relationships or even in your finances.

Our session was just “wow”. My eyes and heart have opened in a new way and I am so very excited about new possibilities.  I now see so clearly that I was a victim of my own fear and that my fear has been holding me back from pursuing my true life calling and following the life purpose I feel so strongly in my heart. I am a work in progress and so very thankful and appreciative that our paths crossed. Much love and blessings to you. -SS

In an energetic clearing session, you will have the opportunity to remove the blocks and interferences that have consistently held you back from stepping into all that you are. Leslie will work with you using her spiritual gifts, psychic awareness, connection to the angelic realm, and engagement with your own spirit to provide healing as well as shift you into a powerful, abundant life experience.

What can you expect? A shift into a new, vibrant way of being, even a new lifestyle.  You will feel empowered to step into your own choices and desires. You will consider your own accountability in those choices. You will want to protect your life experience so that you remain clear, strong and motivated in your new direction.

Each session varies, based upon what your spirit presents and what you want to address.

Session Length: 75 minutes

Rate: $500 for four, $150 for one