Stepping into Your Intention – Living Your Passion

In the previous articles we’ve talked about creating a nurturing environment for your desire, both inside and out. Now we want to step into the reality of it. What does that exactly mean? It means that long before you experience the manifestation of that desire in the physical realm, you are acting as if it is already here and you are fully connected to the experience of it already being here. Your spirit is wide open as a channel to receive all the inspired ideas and feelings that accompany that new reality. When you identify the “weeds”, you methodically pluck them up out of your “ground” and clear the obstruction. You don’t accept that it isn’t unfolding or that it isn’t possible.

When you step into your intention, you may experience fear, hesitation, or discomfort. Let’s talk about each of these. In the case of fear, you may be afraid you don’t know how to accomplish the desire, or that you may be being presumptuous. You may recall a time when you wanted something, had an idea, and it didn’t work. You made a “mistake”. It cost you something. Let’s take that example. What did it cost you? Was it personal or financial? How big a mistake was it? In other words, did the mistake perhaps scare you and you felt like a failure? Sometimes, we expect perfection on our first try and let it interfere with our joy. Or there’s someone in our life who is needing to justify their belief system that nothing is possible and perhaps shaming you.

Now let’s look at hesitation. What is it that about? Not knowing how to do something? Wondering what someone else will think? Wondering what it will cost? Are you trying to come up with the solution before you’ve even started? Are you afraid of how your life might change if you were to actually bring it into reality? List it out. Often, we are thinking linearly. What I mean by that is that we are very sequential in our thoughts and aren’t sure how Source or the Universe might bring together all the elements required to bring our intention into reality. So we start wanting to dictate the order. When we get an inspired idea or thought, we hesitate or even reject it because it isn’t coming in the “order” we thought it should. Let go of that need and let Source open up the possibilities for you.

Finally, let’s look at discomfort. How have you typically responded to change in your life? How have you typically reacted to stepping outside of your comfort zone, whether it’s a new job, a new thought pattern, a new environment or a new experience? Do you do it easily? When you step into an intention, you are allowing yourself to desire something that is currently not manifested in your life. It is not there now because of the current thought patterns that have been operating in your life up until now. You are doing something radically different.

With any intention that is tied to a passionate desire within you, you are stepping into something brand new. When you feel fear, hesitation or discomfort, acknowledge it, but don’t let it to impede what you are doing. You are in the middle of a real life-changer. You are plucking the weeds, fertilizing your environment, and preventing others from dumping their negativity on your work.

“At the beginning of any effort, we are excited and full of energy. When we hit an uncomfortable feeling or experience some resistance, especially from those we care about and who are also supposed to care about us, we might pull back.”

For example, an athlete or concert pianist who has worked many long years at their skill will tell you how much work it takes to become  outstanding. They will tell you about challenges they’ve experienced. They will also tell you the thought processes and focus they have to maintain to ensure victory. They don’t step into the arena, thinking, “I wonder if I can do this,” or “I’m not sure I’m good enough.”

Also try to avoid the thinking of “It wasn’t meant to be.” Accept that there will be times when it doesn’t always feel good. Reignite your spiritual practice. Get centered. Bring in Source, your guidance, the angels. Get clear on what the obstacles are, whether they are real or just a thought you allowed to enter your mind. Discipline yourself to have that 30 minutes of quiet time, to get clear and aware. If something is becoming hard, connect with guidance as to why. What thoughts are you allowing to choke your dream? What people are spraying you with their negativity? What tools are coming to you that you need? Is there any guidance coming to you that you might be rejecting? What fear has taken over?

Is it easier to quit? Of course it is. Whether you’re wanting to manifest or heal a relationship, create a new business or write a book, none of these will happen without your participation. They will all require some change to your inner soil; living your passion. The process will surface issues, sadness, and other difficulties within that perhaps you’d rather not see. In the greater plan of your soul’s evolution, these are arising so that you can heal them. And, with each healing you allow, you will attract incredible amounts of abundance in all areas of your life. Don’t give up! Your abundance awaits you.

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