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Stepping Into Your True North

I’m often asked why there seem to be so many impediments to stepping into our hearts’ desire. These blocks could show up as lack of motivation, fear of success or failure, financial lack, diminishment by others, or not receiving recognition or love, to name a few.

My answer is always that they come up because it is time to heal. It is time to heal the lack of love from our ancestral line, poverty thinking, low self-esteem, fear of failure, the comfort zone of inertia, the safety of not being too powerful.

On the surface, we would all agree that these are worth healing from. We would also agree that we know these things block us from success.

Even not knowing our purpose or passion is the result of our identity/soul essence being covered over by years of debris from others’ priorities, whether it is family/cultural values, society, etc. Imagine putting chocolate ice cream on top of a ham and mustard sandwich and you get the idea. If we put others’ priorities or values on top of our true identity and they are not a match, it creates confusion. This takes us into the realm of loyalties, which is a deeper discussion for another time. If we hold on to the loyalties of family that might be misaligned with who we are, then we will stay in the confusion and manifest from that place. We might long for our desires, but we haven’t decided to clear up the energetic confusion. Hence, the disappointment many of us can feel.

Some of us have come into this lifetime with some very heavy karmic baggage. It may be that our entire purpose in this lifetime is to clear that karmic history and to reset our energy field.

Some of us entered this lifetime and experienced such extreme abuse it’s a wonder we survived at all. Whether it is the result of prior karma or nothing at all to do with it is beside the point. We certainly don’t have to feel like a failure. This is where sometimes our culture’s value on being functional in a material and visible way can interfere with our healing progression. We’re inundated with what everyone else thinks about our productivity and contribution. So, we may submerge our feelings in the quest of career and family. Those feelings will still generate manifestations, no matter how deep down we’ve hidden it.

Some of us have come in with very light energy fields – everything seems to come easily, without much effort. Finances and relationships are easy. New endeavors are not difficult to step into. We can look like the epitome of success. Nothing is very hard. This is a karmic outcome as well, the result of a lot of work done in other lifetimes.

Our natural propensity to judge and assess value on each other’s experiences and outcomes can interfere with the point of it all. The point is that we do have a purpose, we deserve to step into our passions, and the blocks are there to be healed. We truly are here to be, do and have so much more.

We tend to judge life experiences from the 3D (earth realm) perspective, where most of us begin our journey. We want to improve our finances, health and relationships. When we find ourselves in situations that generate a great deal of pain for us, getting out of them into something better is a big priority. Inevitably, however, the first reaction we have to such shifts is that of helplessness and powerlessness. We become overwhelmed by the magnitude of the shift we are wanting to engineer.

In the recovery community, that might be called Step One, admitting our powerlessness. But it isn’t a termination point. We are at the beginning of the journey. We first say yes. We choose to heal, we choose to get help, to break down our desires into bite-sized, manageable chunks. We honor the small steps, the little victories. We bring in our spiritual tools to shift our energy so that our attitude is one of “I can.”

As our journey evolves, we may shift into less about getting out of the furnace of challenges and into our purpose and all that we desire to create.When that stage begins, and we’re ready for it, what do we do? How do we go about it?

Well, let’s start with the identification of what we want to do. Now, this may start with – let’s go to a coffee shop and journal about what we want for the upcoming year. If we sit with it and adopt some patience with ourselves, we start to get some ideas. We write down the ideas. Then we add some legs to them, steps that involve action. And this is often where the blocks start to show up. The minute we hit a concrete action item, we can experience self doubt. We question whether we’ve just made this all up, whether we can afford it, whether we can be successful.

The pursuit of our desires involves courage, so that we can explore the depth of what the blocks are about. For example, Why am I feeling uneasy? Why am I doubting this action item? Beneath that comes, Where did I learn to not trust myself? Where did I develop the fear of failure, of stepping into my own ideas without the validation or approval of others? What if I’m being foolish and wasting my time/money/resources on fanciful dreams?

This process requires a decision to be self-aware enough to confront these blocks. If we get defensive, get deflated and depressed, then we are not ready to move the blocks. They don’t move on their own. We have to say yes, I want to move this.

We may have to ask, why is it there? Has it taken care of me by not allowing me to experience failure I would consider devastating? Has it protected my heart from rejection? Has it protected me from some unknown outcome? It is easy to walk past these blocks and not even recognize them.

In the third part, we identify deeper undercurrents. Perhaps we wonder why we weren’t valued, why no one encouraged us, why we have all these great ideas and no support. So, each step takes us into a place where we have enshrined our protective mechanisms. To not see them, we might recoil from the idea, hide our head under a pillow thinking what’s the use, stay safe in our current job just to have the comfort of knowing a check will keep coming in and our ideas don’t have to be tested or evaluated, return to a former relationship that despite its disappointments was a sure thing.

When we uncover the source of our blocks (parental, ancestral, culture, past lifetime), we make another decision to heal, because we no longer want to be blocked. We want to experience our best selves. For some of us, this is the first time we have put our lives under the microscope of self-examination. It can be painful. When we heal and trust that the past agreements we have are ready to be renovated, then we start to attract and draw in differently. We learn that all of the greats experienced failure of one form or another. We learn that no effort is wasted. But if we’ve attracted those into our lives who are unsupportive or even disparaging, we have to examine where that came from and choose to remove that agreement from our field as well. Remember, if we feel protected by our agreements and blocks, we won’t want to move them.

Whenever we step into our best, our future, our purpose or our passions, we will encounter blocks. We shift them by starting with a change in our default mindset. We agree to heal, even if we “lose” some of our protective anchors. We changE the words we let come out of our mouth, much less speak to ourselves. We go deep and heal. Remember that at the inception point of an idea, there is no manifestation and there is no guarantee of success. It hasn’t even been created yet. So, whether you are creating a soul partnership for your personal relationship, developing a new business, generating abundance, honoring your purpose – it all starts with the concept, the idea. From there, it is up to us to follow what comes to us next so as to generate a physical manifestation.

The journey – something many talk about – is about lessons along the way. With each choice or decision, we generate a certain outcome. We then decide what to do from that outcome. The outcome may be as hoped or negative. We can examine what the issue was. Did we water down the action from what we were inspired to do? If we got a reaction that is predictable, say rejection as we experienced in our families and school life, then let’s choose to heal that particular agreement. Let’s remove the defensive response to our core wounds getting a poke. Let’s heal the wounds and attract from another place.

So, allow yourself the bravery to acknowledge your interests and desires, to allow space and time to develop them, to create a plan, then determine that you will heal every obstacle that shows up, whether it is emotional, physical, mental or showing up as mirrored through someone else’s behavior toward you. If you decide this ahead of time, then you won’t fall into inertia or give up.

Is it endless? It can seem that way. But eventually, we follow our passions and don’t look at it in terms of success and failure and some determination of our overall worth. Let’s do it. Let’s change things. Let’s trust ourselves that what we desire is in alignment with our soul essence, that this is what we’re meant to be in this lifetime. Then let’s get excited, rather than fearful, of all that will unfold for us.

Need help? I’d like to help you heal energetically, with the support of higher dimensional ascended masters and light beings, so that you can get a real taste of what is like to transform, shift, and experience all that you are on this incredible journey.

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