Stepping onto the Threshold

Stepping onto the Threshold: Leaping Into Abundance

Does the thought of leaping into a new existence fill you with fear?

It’s understandable! Everything in our upbringing has taught us to fear the unknown, whether it is trusting ourselves, stepping into a new job, moving to a new country, beginning a new relationship, or embarking on an entrepreneurial adventure.

We’ve been taught to stick to the tried and true, to not trust ourselves, to stay safe. We also know that doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results, is the definition of insanity. So something has to give!

Let’s take a look at what is showing up for you and see if we can’t jump in with both feet.  What is presenting for you? What is showing up that you must do or create to feel any joy in life?

Do you not have any experience in it? Is that what is stopping you? Are you afraid you’ll fail? What did you learn that failure was? A personal failure? Cataclysmic? The end of the world?  Thomas Edison failed 5,000 times just on the light bulb (forget all the other unknowns that he invented!). He spent a ton of money and time on his team and equipment for experiments on things the world had never seen before! Think of Nicolas Tesla who learned to design fully in his head before lifting a finger.  How many times did you learn that you were allowed to fail? Three times? Once?

Look at the lessons you’ve learned from the world that are currently holding you back and decide if this is where you want to stay. Be as honest as you can be.  For example, you may feel you need a relationship to feel safe, or a certain job to feel secure – even if they make you feel miserable! This is by no means a verdict on all relationships or jobs, but you know your own truth.

Now, step into all that you are, all that you have had a passion and desire for in life, by just saying “Yes.” I talk about this often. Just say Yes. The moment you say yes doesn’t mean that you’ll be fired, or that you’ll be thrown out on the stoop of your house, or that you’ll lose your family, or become impoverished. The moment of saying yes is the moment that we turn our energy. And when we turn our energy we see and experience new possibilities. We also feel vibrant, alive, aware of our own power. We may have the assumption that if we step into our joy, no one will stand with us. That’s a healing waiting to happen!

I ask you to try it. Just once. You’ll see what I mean. I’m constantly discovering new areas of my life where I’ve held back and the same lesson applies.

Now here’s the kicker: May I suggest you invite in some higher light beings into the mix? If this is a new experience for you, try it. You may doubt you feel the energies. Feeling is not essential. The invitation absolutely is. You will find yourself getting more sensitized with practice. You will feel the subtle energies. You will understand that you can be a shapeshifter. I can help you with this, but I promise it gets better over time.

Then watch your world start to change. You discover your courage to take the leap. You find out the unknown isn’t all bad. That negative lessons from life and childhood get extinguished.

So now, what can you create? Now who can you be? State it out loud! Claim it as yours. Watch your rudder turn, your soul resonate, your frequency vibrate at a higher level. You’ll meet some new companions along the way. You’re really going to like your life – a lot.

And of course, I’m here if you need help with that shapeshifting! You can do it!

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