Swallow the Vision Whole

Swallow the Vision Whole – Regardless of Your Resistance

Here’s the thing about how vision, destiny and purpose work. It comes to you to do something. It comes in as something big. And….you say yes. Yup! That is what you say. You don’t resist, contract and explain how small you are. You don’t list out the challenges of your current circumstances or finances. You say yes right off the bat – as if without reason, without a logical bone in your body going along.

This is how Spirit works. It is huge, unlimited, without boundaries. And it comes with grandeur.

Why do we resist? Because we do not see ourselves as having that same grandeur.

We also resist because we are shrouded under the covers of our finite vision of life. We see limitations, inadequacies, low-self esteem and a thousand other things that contaminate our perception of our capabilities.

This is where we have to heal, yes – but we’ll get to that.

First, we say yes. We trust that the vision has come to us on purpose – because it is us, because of the longing in our heart.

So that’s Part One.

Part Two is our soil. Fertile soil is important.  Let’s say you get a strong desire to go to Tibet. You get this vision in the midst of a home foreclosure, a relationship breakup, a health challenge.

That is not the soil. Those are situations and circumstances.

Soil is the energy into which you allow that vision or idea to land. If your idea lands in a field of the following common blocks, chances are, you’re not going to let it grow into reality:

  • Don’t you see the situation here? How on earth are we going to do that?
  • I don’t even have money for my bills right now!
  • Everyone in the family is leaning on me – dream on…
  • My body can’t even walk down the block, forget the mountains of Tibet!
  • How is that going to happen?
  • Let’s start small – how about that little hill up the road?
  • I can’t go alone!
  • I’m too scared.

You can add more. Each of these basically has a tone of “no”, not possible, or scale ‘way back to something we can conceive of as possible.

Part Three is Victim Thinking. Even depression. These blocks that stop us from even allowing creative soil.

So here’s something to consider: our vision is a very private affair. So is our fertile soil. So is the healing of our blocks. No one else has to know about it.

Furthermore, the manifestation of the dream does not rest on present circumstances, what other people think, what everyone else is doing, the amount of money in our bank account, etc.

This world operates on having evidence first, then making a leap. Spirit works in the opposite way.

When we operate on evidence first, we will say no or scale our passions and desires to what we “think” is possible. Spirit works with the desire and with energy. We say yes and then, with healthy soil, it conspires to give us our desires as we embrace it and step into each bit of guidance and inspiration we receive. These are the miracles that we can allow for ourselves.

If we emphasize our inadequacies, then we don’t move past Square 1. We stay exactly where we are. And we will keep doing more of the same for the rest of our lives.

We have to trust that the universe knows how to provide the best possible pathway to this desire. Guidance will come in subtle and curious ways. You may wonder how this or that gets you where you’re going. What is fascinating about guidance is that it unfolds like an intricate tapestry. These transformational nuggets move us in the direction of our desires, but with powerful transformations and healings for all aspects of our lives.

Give it a go. Allow yourself this chance to say yes. If it feels like sheer fantasy, so what? If you find yourself holding back, procrastinating, hiding – ask for support from the Universe to step through those blocks. It will come. And you will move closer with each step toward what you desire.

Remember that we start exactly where we are. The desire comes right in the space where we stand. So now say yes. What do you have to lose? Look at all you have to gain!

If you need help with shifting blocks, beliefs, or wounds that you know are in the way, don’t hesitate to reach out to leslie@lesliefonteyne.com.

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