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Taking Back Your Power to Create Change, One Shift At a Time

How do we take back our power? One shift at a time. The boldness and courage you can demonstrate each day is to face head on your insecurities and seeming “failings”, going boldly into the “weakness”. The reason is that you want to understand where it is coming from and how it stops you from getting to where you want to end up. In a way it can feel like a personal crisis. You’re staring down a “bogeyman” of sorts. This actually is the gift of your vision, your dream. Without it, without having even tried something important to you, without having chosen to step into something grand, you might not have encountered this block and it might have stayed with you longer than it needed to.

How do you do this? You don’t go there alone. If you have been good at your meditation time and you are working with some light beings, such as your angels and guides, bring them into your meditation time and feel the support they offer you. Bring in some big guns, like Archangels and Ascended Masters. Ask them to clear out the blocks and interferences that have kept you bound to old energies and contracts that no longer serve you. Get one of one of my meditation CDs so you can aggressively clear the energies that have held you back – until now.

If you need extra encouragement, remember that others are watching you as you persevere and step into your dream. You are a gift to your satellite of acquaintances, friends, family and co-workers. They may fight you in the beginning because they have given in to the status quo. But you will demonstrate what they too can do.

Sometimes we want support first, then we’ll step into something great. This works the other way around, and yet you can invite your angelic guidance in to support you. Do some research and you’ll find out how grand they truly are!

So no, we may not start out like Donald Trump, screaming with an overdose of confidence. Perhaps we’re not Warren Buffett either and we’re beginning our dream with absolutely nothing in our wallets. Maybe we don’t even have a supportive family and we’re completely on our own, with new friends still not yet discovered.

Unfortunately, if we cover up our failings, glossing over them with a shiny coat of paint, that energy can still affect us and our potential success. Why? Because we haven’t removed the block. Many of us are afraid those flaws are permanent, that there’s nothing we can do. And, the source of those beliefs and blocks often lead us to painful memories from family and school. This stuff takes some bravery!

Shift through these one at a time. Be grateful when they surface. They surfaced because you have dared something courageous and great. Does it take time? Yes. Does it prevent you from achieving your goals? No. You actually move faster than you might have. Start now!

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