Transformation Updates in Volatile Times

Learned Fears and Embracing the UnknownWe are in a highly volatile, changing time at the moment – globally. I have been thinking about what this time means for many of us who have been on an ascension journey for some time. We’ve been working hard to increase our light quotient, clearing consistently, going deep into our karmic patterns to unearth and replace them with new imprints and thought patterns. And now the world finds itself in a bit of a crisis. There are so many ways to look at this and interpret what the coronavirus spread is about. There is a part of us that wants to know why, to attribute significance to the experience we are having. There is a part of us that wants to find underlying causes, to know whether it is all overblown or it’s real. The fact is a virus can’t be seen, just as, for many of us, energy cannot be seen.

Some of us have had prior lifetimes during the Black Plague, the Spanish Flu Pandemic and even other tragic global experiences such as the numerous global financial crashes, the Spanish Inquisition, the Salem Witch Hunt, Genghis Khan’s rampages, pogroms, population decimations, as well as various other horrific global events.

There is nothing we are doing wrong. We aren’t attracting these situations for a “lesson”. We may certainly get impacted by the fallout of this pandemic as it encroaches on every aspect of our lives. Of course there is a lot of noise, opinions, fears – and it brings up everything within us, doesn’t it? We are uncovering imprints in our field from past lifetimes that are ready to be healed. We are experiencing triggers that are coming up to be healed. If we are on an Ascension path, we are connecting at higher dimensional levels that take us out of panic, fear, and lack and move us into soul-level evaluations and clarity.

Put together this experience across all your lifetimes. Not only that, add in the energies of your ancestral line. You may have a family history that includes the holocaust, cultural decimations, extreme poverty, slavery, brutal regimes and classist or racial prejudice. Any and all of this can be triggered in our energy fields. We can address these energetic imprints – not just to save us in this current situation, and not just to become “successful” again. What we want to do is work in a higher dimensional reality that allows us to heal the imprints and triggers that are arising within us and put in place future imprints and potentialities that transform our next “now moment”. We can do that. If we stay bogged down in the 3D or even deny it is happening (a form of resistance), then we miss the moment of transformation.

Everything about you matters – your feelings, your physical health, your longings and desires. Whatever is coming up for you is coming up on purpose to be healed, shifted and transformed, so that you can create your next “now moment”. You are here on purpose. You are not an accident. Where you are is not a mistake. Let’s step higher, into our Higher Self, Our Mighty I AM Presence. Let’s engage with our powerful light beings, ascended masters, archangels, healing teams and loved ones. Let’s follow guidance that resonates with our spirit. Let’s catch ourselves when we find ourselves in any kind of fear and ask, what is that about? If the answer is from a prior lifetime or a place of fear, address it. If it is from a physical ailment, address it there. If we find ourselves in lack thinking and feel completely alone and unsupported, let’s go there and bring in our higher energies to heal that. Whatever it is for each of us, this is where we go. We don’t have to judge others who may have a lighter karmic load and don’t seem to be suffering at all. We are doing our own soul experience and judgment doesn’t help.

We can be supportive of one another and participate even on a collective level. As we like to say, “Go Higher.” If you need help in moving some of those imprints, which can seem like big boulders, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll do a session to address all that is coming up for you.

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