Have A Visioneering Kind of Day – Manifesting Change

I’m sure you have had the experience of going to a movie and becoming so engrossed that you become a part of it. You might use words like being taken away to another world. Then, once the movie is over, perhaps you step outside into the bright sunshine, the honking horns, the trash on the streets, even a complaining partner offering his/her critique of the film. You suddenly come to grips with the fact that you have been enjoying an alternate reality. And now, you’re back in this reality – your life as it is.

While you were captivated by that film or experience where you felt lost in another world, the one you were living in didn’t go anywhere. It stayed the same. You experienced a rude awakening.

Take another scenario. You observe an event outside your window at home or at your office. Regardless of what is happening, you now put on headphones and hear an inspirational song. The effect of that music on the “reality” you are viewing gets transformed by the tone or energy of the song. On the negative side, you could be viewing that same event and hear someone’s complaining voice and it becomes an entirely different experience.

The fact is, nothing has changed outside the window. What is important here is that we always have the ability to transport ourselves into another reality through our thoughts and feelings, and how we envision current reality. It is there to be changed just based on our choosing to do this.

Even for the most skeptical among us, being transported in a visual film experience is very real. We may have been taught from childhood on to experience this as a fantasy, that it isn’t the real world. But let’s expand that concept of fantasy. You turn on something inspirational or go into an inspirational, intentional meditative state. You imagine where you want to be, what you want to do, what you want to have (this is the start to manifesting change!). You revel in it and smile, laugh, fully enjoy it all.

So how does fantasy become real? Does it “drop into your lap”, as your family might have scoffed or sneered when you possibly shared your dream with them.

First, choose to remain open. Don’t shut it down. If you have to acknowledge the sneering voice or the derogatory attitude toward your imaginative experience, let it go. Just hold yourself open. Put your full concentration and emotion and focus on that dream of yours.

Now, let your dream grow legs. Be open to inspiration, thoughts and ideas. Do not force it. This is very important. Do not force “how” it needs to happen. Why? Because you’ll resort to how you have always seen the world, how you have always solved problems. You might find yourself beginning to limit your plans with things such as, “well, if I could quit my job, if I could tap into my retirement account, if I could…” You may entertain those ideas, but notice the energy that goes with them. They feel like “downers”. They dampen the original enthusiasm tied to the idea. If you don’t believe me, try it and feel the difference. It is absolutely critical to feel good and excited while you are doing this. And…yes, you are going to do this several days in a row.

Now, let the other thoughts and ideas come to you – the “inspired” ones. What is different about them? How do they feel? Well, for one, they are very “heady”, fun, exciting, wild, almost “crazy”. They make you laugh, give you goose bumps, make you want to jump up and down. It’s like having your private party. Write down what comes to you.

Now what happens? Fear comes in. Fear of what? Fear of your ability to pull it off. Do you have the courage, the strength, the intelligence, the ability, the time? Who are you to pull this off? You’ve never done anything like this before and don’t have any experience! That’s what the voice tells you.

The answer is yes you can. The inspired ideas come from a different place, from your intuitive guidance, your Higher Self, the Universe. They aren’t the same as the 3D thoughts that come to you in this workaday world. To add punch to the process, during your meditation period, bring in Spirit. your guides, the Archangels, and ministering spirits. Ask the Universe to help you draw in like-minded friends and mentors. Choose to release the fears and agreements that keep you from stepping out. I’m glad to help you with this – it’s my specialty, and I can teach you how to do it yourself.

Wouldn’t it be great to step into all that you are? Why not? Think about all the reasons you’ve been doing what you’ve been doing for the last 10 years, the last 20, even the last 30. Are a lot of supposed to’s and should’s attached to your activities? Can you indulge yourself now with some joy? Say Yes! Even to something small, choose Yes to You. Not only will you step into your exciting alternate universe, but you’ll inspire others to do the same. Abundance is your birthright!

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