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We Are In the Midst of Opportunity

Create AbundanceFrom a mainstream, 3-D perspective of reality, we tend to think in a linear, sequential fashion. When THIS is done/over/underway, THEN I can/will address THAT. In the spiritual or energetic realm, we are always doing and creating. Always. Regardless of the tone of our mental or emotional energy. Sometimes, the hardest thing we can do is override our current mental/emotional state, go higher, and connect with/create from a place that is always abundant, healthy, wise, and unconditionally loving. The difference this makes is substantial. If we create from a place of lack or fear (via the state of our energy field), then we will certainly generate complementary results. We’re not talking about a disregard of wisdom and becoming reckless; rather we’re using this time to see that our wounds and triggers are arising so that we can heal them and be part of the solution to all that is transpiring around us.

We are being asked to take another look, to choose differently, to be bold and courageous, to move our energy out of some comfort zones and familiar ruts into a higher dimensional perspective that enables us to create better. While the outer world is covered over in crisis and intense informational bombardment, while we isolate alone or with loved ones, this can be our time to go inward and upward, into our higher awareness. I speak with many of you and you see it. Many of you have been prepared for a time such as this.

Let’s take this time to observe what is coming up within us, then choose to heal it. I’m not suggesting a “Pollyanna”-type approach that disregards “what’s going on here”. Rather, I’m suggesting getting centered, grounded, then connected to higher energies. I’m suggesting that we observe old agreements, beliefs, wounds and pockets of energy that are being revealed to us so that we can shift and heal them. If, in this moment, you feel some resistance as you read this, that is okay. We can choose to heal that as well. Resistance typically comes when we are being asked to unravel the status quo, a comfort zone, a way of approaching life that has rules we are familiar with (whether they work or not). Changing that status quo within ourselves opens us to unknown territory. With the unknown, we can feel a loss of control as we don’t know how the new rules might turn out. How will we manage?

This isn’t a “business as usual” kind of time, is it? You may be feeling a sense of helplessness and a fear that, from a financial and health perspective, you might not make it. The important thing is to look at each fear and anxiety that arises as an opportunity to heal. We’re not covering over the problem; rather, we’re identifying it and choosing to heal it because those energetic thoughts and emotions are attracting results we likely do not want.

From a spiritual perspective, seeing ourselves as light beings having a human experience, seeing ourselves as upgrading our energy field to a higher vibration, we are being asked to address some old patterns and ways of thinking and being which have held us in traction for a long time. These old patterns, perhaps ingrained in us our entire lives, from our ancestral line and perhaps even prior lifetimes, are being challenged.

Take some time out to reflect and see what this season is about for you. It’s not the same for everyone. Some of us are in the midst of completions of jobs, relationships, priorities, perspectives. Others of us are launching new beginnings. Some of us have been seeking a higher dimensional perspective; others are being hammered on the physical level. Some of us are completely paralyzed.

Your story does not have to be in reaction to the 24/7 narrative being played out. There is plenty happening just within you. We want to connect with our Mighty I AM Presence, with Source energy, with the Ascended Masters, to hear and resonate and align with a higher vibrational message, more resonant “instructions” and guidance. Then we want to integrate those energies into our being. The higher perspective is not impractical. It is extremely effective. But with an upshift of our energy field, we introduce a new way of being in this world. We vibrate and attract differently. We choose to co-create with Source energy and have an impact on our lives and on those around us.

Prior to all this, many of you were delaying your new start. Maybe you were waiting for everything to line up perfectly, before taking the first step. Source doesn’t wait for the situation to be perfect. It is in the midst of the chaos that we shift our energy and say yes. When we shift our energy, receive inspired ideas and higher guidance, results appear as a consequence. We’ve heard the description of insanity as, “doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” In this case we are doing something quite differently to generate those different results. Where our energy leads, manifestation will follow. Regardless.

Let’s create from a different paradigm. As inspired ideas begin coming to you, guard against putting them aside because of “the situation” or the timing. Acknowledge what you have been sensing/hearing/knowing. If you’ve held back, consider changing that. You can change your world. Let’s say “Yes”.

If a lot of this resonates with you and you’d like some help in this upshift, let’s do a session so that you can clear and heal those blocks and wounds that prevent your unfoldment. You’re here on purpose. You matter. Your presence holds a powerful brightness in the world. Being overwhelmed by others’ energies and the heavy external narrative is stopping you from being all that you are. Let’s get realigned with your truth and what you’re here to be and to do. Your longings and desires matter. We don’t need to be in a state of quiet (or noisy) desperation.


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