What Can You Teach

What Can You Teach? You are Certified!

Many of us are looking for authorities outside ourselves. We do this because we need validation from others. We want a program, a workbook, a mentor, a clearly defined path. We want someone to say, “This is the way”. And when we can’t get that certainty, we go find someone or something else that has a rigid, structured path that “makes sense” to us.

When we graduate beyond certain milestones on our spiritual path, we find ourselves disillusioned. We went to see the big speaker, the big show, the one with the certifications and credentials, the ones we were told had the answers we needed. How many times have I heard from clients “I felt nothing!” or “Nothing happened!”

At that moment, we may become discouraged enough to quit the path.

So let’s look at where you are right now. You had an awakening a while back. Something turned you on and it doesn’t really matter where you were or what was going on. It was the beginning. At that point, you began exploring. You met teachers, read books, attended events. Soon you had your own experiences where you meditated, channeled, felt the presence, identified your Higher Self and the sense of intuitive guidance. You found some things that felt “right” and some that didn’t. Some people’s messages, books and classes “resonated” and others didn’t.

I have taught classes where my students had shut down, after being discouraged by some teacher or modality that denied their experiences of “knowing” and awarenesses. These students had been guided by Ascended Masters and Light Beings in their healing work, for example, only to be told by those managing their particular healing modality or protocol that such invocations were not authorized. Once they opened up again to their special gifts of healing and channeling, the incredible experiences and healings unfolded once again. The “authority” who told them they couldn’t work with their guidance and gifts became a distance memory.

So I tell you that you have been authorized, certified and guided. You are knowledgeable, experienced and aware. You have read so many books, taken so many classes, received psychic and angelic readings, and channeled messages. Often these were messages that affirmed what you already knew.

Perhaps you went to the Mystery Schools and followed their hierarchical and strict progression. They told you when you should be a student and when you might (if ever) become the teacher. Now I am not telling you that you don’t have things to learn or that humility isn’t a part of the growth path. But for many of you, you have been in a stifling, paralyzing frustration, angry at God or the Divine, when you truly have gifts that are ready to be used. You have books and blogs to write, and students who are ready for you.

With so many indigos and star seeds, as well as walk-ins in our midst, one size does not fit all. Some of you have had the wisdom of the ancients since you were 18 months old! You were not just a small baby! And the lessons you have come in to learn are those that you have asked for. In that case, stand. Stand in your authority and power, in the unconditional love that guides. Overcome the fear that has held you and your voice back.

So what holds you back from sharing, teaching, writing, drawing, demonstrating, channeling? Can you start now? You are authorized to teach. No man can tell you when you are a healer and when you aren’t. People are either healed or they aren’t.

Some of us have struggled in our experience on the soul path. Our sensitivity to the energy shifts have had us reeling. When we go through a change, the teacher appears. Guidance comes. What we do with it is the next step. This period is not about being successful according to worldly standards. That fuels the needs of the ego. When we are going through the deep stuff, no one can do it for us. This is our own path, our own work. So, if someone has 10 steps in 8 weeks for you to become enlightened and abundance, be wary. Jesus didn’t sell his message for 30 pieces of silver. But our path is taken care of.

You will know when your message is ready. Don’t hold back. When you feel fear, know that it is a lesson to move through. When your personality level drags you down, identify the values and fears you learned from culture, family, school and the work place. Understand that you are a multi-dimensional being, ready to teach.

So, what is your message? Take some time to write down a manifesto. Who are you? What are you here to reveal and share? If you want to align your purpose with “worldly success”, then that is something else that should be released. A lot of people are holding back because they feel “worldly failure.” Your spiritual path doesn’t necessarily have a worldly manifestation. But will you be taken care of? Yes. Does it mean you never work in the world again? No. We don’t deliver ultimatums to the Divine. We take our light where the door opens for us. This is part of the mystery – to reveal and heal, not to meet the needs of our egos.  So, speak up. Get your message out. Be the healer. Have the random, encouraging conversation with a stranger your meet. Turn your serendipitous encounter into a divine opportunity. Let your path unfold as it was meant to, without choking it. You’re ready.

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