What is a Personal Wake up Call and What Do I Do With It

What is a Personal Wake-up Call and What Do I Do With It?

A personal wake-up call is sort of like hitting the wall. It can appear as a financial crisis, a serious situation in the family, a physical or health issue, or something negative at your job. Some area of your life has just stopped working.

A wake-up call can be serious because it is often the result of not having followed the guidance that came to us over time. How many of us have just gone ahead, business as usual, ignoring the nudges or insights provided to us? Typically we do so because we prefer our comfort zone. Spirit is calling for us to change something and we are resisting the call.

But let’s go deeper on this one. At some point in your life, you asked Spirit or set an intention to make a change. This intention is part of a dream you have. It would result in a change that results in abundance manifesting in your life, whether that be finances, a loving and passionate relationship, a new and fulfilling job, or some other gift that might provide joy for you.

Often Spirit delivers these rewards in a different form from your usual pattern or “modus operandi”. It takes you down a different path to get to your destination, one you might not typically follow. Unfortunately, when we don’t recognize the path, we resist it or fight it, we rationalize, we hinder its progression, we just…well, stop. As a result, we remain stuck in our same old situation and we find ourselves talking about our difficulties year after year.

So where does this stuck energy go? Typically, into our bodies. We actually hold these energies in our body. And for many of us, we hold it long enough to the point that it creates a problem and we develop symptoms.

We will find ourselves talking about our dream and not getting it. We might say that Source didn’t come through, this spiritual thing doesn’t work, the law of attraction isn’t functioning properly. We might feel  depression. We tell ourselves we don’t know why we can’t get unstuck. When we probe or have someone help us to access the core of this “stuckness”, we discover that we had many indicators along the way, many guideposts, many hints and inspirations to do certain things.

When we ask for a dream, we are asking for change. Change for some of us can feel like a freefall. So, where have you stopped your dream? Recall some guidance or instruction or a meeting or encounter that came to you almost out of the blue. It was so out of the ordinary. What did you do with it? Did you dismiss it? Did you rationalize? Did you go into fear because you couldn’t see the whole path laid out before you?

Our dreams are unique to us and they are part of our soul path. They take us on a journey of growth, toward a shifting of our vibration, toward abundance. We heal deep wounds along the way. We remove cords in our relationships that no longer work. We upgrade contracts with partners and managers that enable a better experience.

So, if you have experienced a personal wake-up call, and you have allowed yourself to hit the proverbial wall, decide now what you want to do. Is the answer a yes or a no to your dream, to your passion, to the guidance you have received that gets you there? Taking responsibility for our soul path is hard. It is far more comfortable to be a victim than to own our path. To release the stuckness in your field and in your body, today, make the choice to say yes to your destiny. Say yes to the healing that is required for you to step into all that you are. Say yes to higher level agreements that help you to grow into a better version of yourself. Choose to be courageous.

That is what you do with a personal wake-up call. And when you do it, when you follow the guideposts along the way, because of the dream or intention you have, you will find yourself releasing the obstacles in your way, you will find yourself healing your body, and you will experience a joy and excitement that only comes from having the courage to step into all that you are. And that is the crux of it, we hit the proverbial wall in our wake-up call, then we say, What have I got to lose? And we then step into our dream or intention. Make a commitment to not wait so long next time. You can, of course, but it’s more painful that way. Let’s agree to enjoy the journey and not wait for a crisis that makes us take the leap. I promise you’ll love what’s on the other side.

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