Inspired Guidance

Zen Up, Listen Within, Act According to Your Truth

Inspired GuidanceWhen we are caught in the chaos of 3D, with its prevalent values, priorities and requirements, we may submit. almost blindly, in ways that are not aligned with our spirit or our truth. We think we have to, that it’s too hard to fight it, that it’s easier to go along and get along. But inside, we can feel our spirit almost cave, and if there’s still some fight in there, a little resistance. To avoid conflict or just being different, we yield to the “should’s” and other actions that don’t resonate. At times, we may have found we just turn off our guidance system to avoid that uncomfortable feeling of dissonance, whether on the job or at home. We’d rather not make waves, stay safe, stay reasonably accepted.

Listening to our own guidance system, performing self-care and tuning into to the higher vibrations that reside in unconditional love, can seem contrarian and even isolating. We may judge ourselves when we are not being efficient, handling our to-do list, or connecting with others who “need” us. When we say no, we are not being rejecting or selfish. We may have to check in with ourselves to see how much of us is on auto-pilot versus consciously considering what we need to do or be in any situation.

Tune in, listen and feel within. You are more right than you think you are. Many of us are in a gradual, progressive shift in our lives that we may struggle to articulate to others, especially to those who have pigeonholed us into a certain type of character or role. That’s okay. We don’t owe an explanation. We can continuously shift in our new direction without telling a soul. It’s our journey.

If you find yourself trying to “make sense” of your guidance, that effort may be rooted in a fear of what others may think or in fear of failure. We can go into a type of paralysis. Our journey is ours, what we came here for. If we have tolerated circumstances long past their expiration date, we may get some stiff prodding from Spirit to end the tolerance. If we have been hiding, fearing we’ll be shamed, judged or rejected, we may get some prodding there as well – to come out and be all that we are. Or to just move on.

Of course there will always be those who don’t recognize us. Often it is those closest to us (physically). There is a whole tribe out there that awaits you though, that wants to join forces with you, to support you on your journey. Try an exercise over a period of a week and see if you can sense the subtle energies in your body and your spirit. Instead of just going along “without thinking”, check into your energy field and see what comes up. Make a note of it, even if you can’t follow through. At least you’ll get tuned into your own field, your own guidance. One day it may say stay still, don’t talk to anybody; another day it may say go out there and start something new. You’ll find out that your inner messaging system is alive and well, that it is okay to trust yourself. At the end of that week, take a look back. See how you felt, what you accomplished – whether you listened or you didn’t. Your data may be interesting.

You are not alone. Not only can you trust that the light beings and powerful masters can participate with you, support you, join you, hold you up – but you can trust you will draw in that love, support, joy and adventure you long for. You don’t have to be anyone but exactly who you are and who you came here to be. That is the beauty of working with the higher dimensions. We can be fully supported and guided on our journey with the exquisite channelings, guidance and unconditional love from the Loved Ones.

Let’s generate and feel the support from each other and our higher dimensional companions as we step into our best soul journey now.

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