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You Are Destined for More

You can be, do, and have so much more. You hold the keys to the magnificent life you’ve been longing for. It’s time to end the cycle of being held back by limiting energetic blocks that keep you from stepping into all that you truly are.

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Your Future is Calling

On some level, you know that you can be, do and have so much more – maybe you just don’t know how to get there.


You hold the keys to your own magnificent life. You’ve been held back by emotional, energetic, and physical energy blocks that have kept you from stepping into all that you truly are.


I work with many wonderful people, just like you. You may be spiritually attuned with powerful intentions, but still struggle with lack of power, financial stress, depression or poor health. My gift is reconnecting you with your powerful self, stirring up your passions, and identifying the blocks that interfere with your purpose. With the support of the wonderful Ascended Masters, Archangels and Light Beings, I clear those blocks and help you shift into an entirely new existence that is fully aligned with all that you are.

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Work One on One with Me

Sessions, Coaching & Spiritual Guidance


Energetic Clearing, Life Purpose Alignment, Ascension Work, Abundance & Health Healing, Spiritual Guidance.


Shift your life to a higher dimensional experience. Sessions include clearing blocks and agreements that interfere with your health, finances and relationships; spiritual guidance that includes channeled Ascended Masters; Ascension guidance; Life Transformation coaching; and healing sessions.

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Classes, Workshops & Events


Do you want to know how to create an abundant life? Or how to shift energy and raise your vibration? Perhaps you want to learn how to work with the Ascended Masters or ascension energies.


These powerful classes and workshops will help you get clear on your desires, teach you how to step into and maintain that empowered life, and offer tools and techniques for keeping you on that path.


Check out my online classes & meditations, as well as workshops and events I’m doing in your area.

Heal from Home

Audio, Video & Digital Products


These offerings are designed to catapult you into your abundant and expanded life.


Explore how you can identify your true passions and desires, as well as how to step into your intentions each and every day. You can also experience an energetic clearing that is customized for you, shifting you into your “Personal Gold” each and every day.

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