Moving Through Resistance to Soul Level Expansion

Soul expansionThese unique times have been an opportunity to identify pockets of resistance within us that block us from abundance and soul expansion. It is not accidental that we’re experiencing some reactiveness and resistance both within and without. Whatever the instrument that triggers these sensations, whether through the imposition of rules and physical separation, financial threat, polarizing opinions, political perspectives, interactions with family and acquaintances — they are bringing light and awareness so that we can heal and expand into a higher vibrational stance in the world. When we access the higher dimensions, we are no longer confused and we can experience compassion, expansion and abundance.

If we come from the perspective that we chose our soul journey, our families, our work life, and other planetary experiences as part of our lessons and soul evolution, then we will see our Earth experience through an entirely different lens. We have now what we have created and chosen up until this moment. Many of the triggers reveal frustration, anger, irritation and offense. The karmic aspects and core wounds that are surfacing are not coming up for us to feel bad about ourselves. They are showing up for us to heal, so that we can attract more, better, and higher — from this new moment.

Anger can give us a tremendous feeling of egoic power. Forgiveness and compassion might make us feel weak, as if we might allow others walk all over us and hurt us again. The ego always seeks to strengthen itself. When we succumb, we miss the incredible strengthening power of our Higher Self and Mighty I AM Presence. That higher level vibration presents a higher, more powerful perspective.

Source never withholds love. The graciousness, abundance, expansiveness and unconditional love available to us is incredible. When we experience our triggers, we can choose to heal them at the source. If we don’t, we will repeat some of our lessons and continue to attract from resistance and lack. Source energy wants us to come from a place of awareness that we already have everything, that we are here on purpose. With that expansion, we draw in better and more lovingly. We discover that those places of separation, polarity, lack and fear can dissolve through a connection with unconditionally loving Source energy.

Let’s allow ourselves to go into those spaces of separation and woundedness so that we can heal and attract from a higher place. As fears and offenses surface, we can heal the original wound that then enables us to step into a more expansive experience based in oneness with Spirit and Source energy.

If you would like a session to explore what is arising for you and to help you in these transitions, write me and we’ll start down that path.

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