Removing Blocks to Abundance Energetically

Removing Blocks to Abundance Energetically

I am asked frequently why we aren’t abundant. We did the steps, we held on to our intentions, we fought off the negative thoughts. Why doesn’t the Law of (positive) Attraction work the way we were told it would? Are we doing something wrong? Why can’t make it happen?

The Law of Attraction works in each and every moment of our lives. However, when we are drawn into this work to shift into abundance, we are also drawn onto a path of healing. Each experience of abundance is an experience has resulted from healing a deep wound, shifting a limiting agreement, releasing old attachments. We have identified some block, allowed ourselves to see the negative thoughts and beliefs, and found where our fears reside. These held us back from stepping into what we have said we desire.

The thought of letting go of some of our attachments, or what we perceive as security, can be scary. The reason it is scary is our entire energetic resonance tells us that Source isn’t real, nothing is really out there to take care of us, we are inadequate, we won’t be able to make “it” happen, we’ll fail. All these are messages we have known on a deep level our entire lives. They resonate with abandonment, loss and inadequacy. The child-like part of us longs to be rescued.

To unravel those energetic perceptions, we must first see them. We have to first see the deep wounds and traumas that are drawing in and resonating with the current reality around us. Seeing these might be painful. And if we’ve been taught to avoid pain at any cost, we will typically leave the negative attractions in place in our field rather than choose our abundance.

Another message we learned in life is to fear the unknown. How is it going to happen? I don’t have any experience in that. What if it doesn’t work out? Our past experience and entrenched patterns have brought us to our current reality. Stepping into the unknown in order to heal dredges up intense fear and trepidation we learned at our parents’ knee.

So, we have to see the fear, the block, the pattern, the wound, the insecurity – and then choose to clear it. We can’t white-knuckle it through. We can’t “will” our way through the change. This is an energetic rewiring. When we rewire, we step into a new reality, a new resonance. We draw and attract from a new place. We are faced with the unknown that doesn’t have the fear of old relationships, feelings of inadequacy, protective fears and the like. We even start to trust ourselves, a new experience in and of itself.

Can we shift our energy to one that attracts the abundance in life we so desire? Yes. And what helps is to do so with the powerful support of the Ascended Masters and Archangels. We invite them into the day, the event, the meeting, the conversation, the prayer. We let their vibration support our own. We pick up the phone, take that step, and start to do those actions that resonate with our shift.

This is how abundance attraction starts to work in a positive way. We notice the moment to moment shifts. We transform ourselves intentionally, based on the inspired ideas and guidance we receive. We hit bumps or experience hiccups along the way. And we do the work again. These are nudges to release another block that is preventing our best health, best love, best work. We can do it again, as we did it before, by inviting in the powerful energetic masters and angels to encourage us as we feel “safe” to create our new reality.

That is how we do it. Try it today.

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