Armistice Day

Armistice Day: Lay Down Your Weapons of Self-Criticism!

Self-criticism can be unbearably harsh. It is a default pattern. Not only do we learn it young, but if left to ourselves, we can go on a negativity binge unchecked. It isn’t healthy. If we’re trying to be spiritual or we’ve presented a different persona to the world, we try and hide this part of ourselves and pretend that’s not how we are.

I’d like to propose a new approach that can free you from lifetimes of painful patterns. First, for each of these mean things you say to yourself, write out as clearly as you can that particular weapon’s words, tone, and purpose. What is it saying? Whose voice is it? When do you typically hear it? What is it intended to “make” you do? Here’s an example. You achieve something praiseworthy at work. Someone comes around and says one corrective thing. You feel stung, angry, hurt. It seems to agree with a part of yourself that says, “It’s not enough. I could do so much more! I should also have leapt tall buildings and become vice president by now.

I’m going to assume that most of you reading this are on a spiritual path. When we are creating abundance, we really are on the path of self-realization, of transformation, of shifting into a new level of being. You could say that Source and the Universe use “stuff” to motivate us in that direction, to go to a deeper to a more profound level. At times, it can be hard to juxtapose our soul connection with the Earth world. We have our spiritual time in the morning, then we have to go out into “the real world”. It is tough to maintain both types of consciousness simultaneously. One or the other seems to win out. We can get confused because they do operate according to different rules. So, how do we reconcile it?

Earth world says that you have to have certain credentials, you have to please others through achievement, the world is run by fear-motivation, if you aren’t doing something, you’re sub-par. When our spirit motivates us to retire from some of these activities, it is a little scary because it feels like we’re not important anymore according to the world’s values, we’re not performing, we’re not getting the kudos from our former work-mates, we’re just “being”, pursuing another path that seems to have no outward value.

Our ego’s values are based on financial remuneration, by praise and from the interaction with others. This going into spirit can feel lonely.

Here’s the thing. Our negative ego makes us feel like when we choose spirit we are losers. It can frighten us enough to think that we aren’t achieving enough and therefore we’re a nobody.  This is when the weapons against ourselves can really come out. Look at this moment as a fantastic opportunity to shift into the power of spirit. See, we may have been telling ourselves we understand Abundance, the Law of Attraction, Source’s love and support. But now we’re in this moment where the rubber hits the road. We are being asked to switch modalities, dimensions and terrains. We recognize how we are attracting some things that are based on what we might want to release within ourselves so that we can attract differently. It’s our moment to go deeper. This is about our worth. Source says you already have everything. You are the fullness, you are abundance, you are health. This is now the allowing in. (By the way, this is a great time to get one of my meditation CDs if this is a big struggle about now. I will guide you through releasing, clearing and stepping into your next level of abundance.)

Regard each weapon you point against yourself as a fear of your ego, your inner child, old agreements and contracts with energies that are no longer worthy of you, as vows to not get hurt, to not be devalued ever again – this is the moment to step into all that you are. Release the voices, the harshness, the weapons. Release old agreements with voices that are harsh, that treat you as less than you are. Now, breathe in Source. Breathe in that loving, amazing goodness that supports you just as you are on your soul journey. Now, draw in Source’s companionship, love, and valuation of you. Draw in your ministering spirits, your new earth friends. Draw in your finances, your hobbies, your creations. Release the loneliness. Get excited now. Bring in your soul partners, your companions on the path. Allow Source to go through every room of your house with you and release the old cords and toxic patterns that no longer serve you and those you love. Allow yourself to detach and see what happens in your relationships. Let go of resentments, failures, unforgiveness and hatred. Let go of the victim part of you who once could not take care of you but now you can. Do this each day. When the weapons come up again, look at it as an appointment with destiny – to clear, to release.

Will you be useless? Will you never accomplish anything ever again? No. But you will come from a new place of inspired action. This will be very different. Give yourself space and room to experiment, to grow. And when you feel the harshness come up, shout out: Armistice Day! Put Down your Weapons!

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    Thank you for the inspiring blog.

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