Why We Choose Not to Clear When Creating Change

In the previous article, I wrote the following:

To choose to live consciously means that you are not afraid to confront these parts of you, that you care enough about your desires to release the rules and beliefs that have you living a life less worthy than you deserve. No one has handcuffs on you…. Is your happiness important enough for you to release what stands in its way?

I’m often asked, why wouldn’t we release the blocks to our abundance?

Think about our comfort zones. We have familiar people in our lives. We have jobs we have been at for a long time. Even if we’re not happy with our mate, our mate is predictable. We may not be happy with our jobs, but it’s a job after all and we’re secure.

As we examine the parts of our lives that keep us in our current state, we have to admit we are a bit nervous about stepping into the unknown.

As the old saying goes, “The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.” We find we care more about security, safety, the known. The thought of creating our own business, for example, means stepping into the unknown, even questioning our capabilities.

Often, to cover up our fears, we’ll shift the attention outside of ourselves. We point to the economy, the needs of our mate, our children or our parents, the cost of going back to school. These are the reasons we give for why we “can’t” change.

What if right now, we were to look at those fears. Choose not to shame yourself or be overly self-critical. This is part of the personal excavation.

Sometimes, we feel like being creative, but those around us don’t encourage us. We want and feel we “need” their validation and support. But it is our vision and dream, not theirs. Our need for them to validate is our insecurity, our fear, not their shortcoming. And, unfortunately, we can’t change others and turn them into loved ones who will empower us. We can only change ourselves.

The question we should really ask is, what do I need to step into all that I am? Answers might be, I need a counselor or supportive mentor to talk things through with. I need to clear some negative beliefs and energies that are cluttering my thoughts and feelings of who I am and what I’m capable of. I need to reconnect with my my intuitive guidance instead of overruling it with fear and excuses.

Please don’t consider this a harsh message.

The fact is in creating change, we can’t clear what we don’t openly acknowledge, at least to ourselves.

The truth is we have a lot of reasons we don’t step into our abundance. The biggest is that we don’t believe we are capable of truly connecting with Source and our Higher Self to shift out our limiting beliefs, clear the negative energy, and protect our space. We don’t believe enough in our own ability to manifest – we don’t believe we can be the hero of our own story.

I challenge you to “get real” with a new, more positive reality. As the song goes, “some may say you’re a dreamer…” Perhaps you are. But what do you have to lose? If you can’t imagine your biggest dream, then moderate! Pick something “smaller”. No one has said to quit your job or get a divorce. That is extreme thinking, assuming you know what guidance will come your way. At this point, just choose an intention. Choosing to see yourself manifesting your desire. Choose to hear your intuitive thoughts and ideas, instead of shutting them down as “ridiculous” or “unrealistic”. Open yourself to the positive experience within. And if you can’t act on it, at least write down what comes to you. Hide it under lock and key if it makes you feel safer. Keep your vision private. But don’t lose it. Let these ideas begin to tell your story. And if you’ve had a lifetime of shutting them down, it may be a hard habit to break. Stay open. Bring in your guidance. Bring in source. Allow yourself to feel the unlimited, unconditional love,  abundance and health of Source energy. Do it for a week, even a month. Allow yourself to shift.

Use the clearing meditation CDs to help you stay on track. Then write me – I’d love to know the results!

Next Issue: Stepping Into Action in the “Real” World.

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