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Sealing the Deal: Manifesting an Intention

When we set an intention, we are making a shift within. We are opening ourselves vulnerably to allow all manner of opportunities and options from Source. We aren’t taking action in the physical realm just yet; this is “active receiving”.

Now without question, when you add gratitude and a joyful knowing to the mix, peppered with some visualization and focus, you shift your intention much more quickly into your physical reality.

Do this just 15 minutes a day. Even a busy person can allow that! What we often have trouble with is detaching ourselves from our day at work or our family responsibilities or other people’s opinions. I would highly recommend that you get one of my meditation CDs or use a meditation practice to get yourself centered into your own mind/spirit space. The CDs will help you clear out the energies and concerns of those around you that seem hard to shake sometimes. I can’t emphasize enough how important this is. If you read about anyone who ever accomplished anything, one thing that went along with their creativity and “stick-to-it-iveness” was their ability to focus. You may not be able to give yourself full days of contemplation, but you CAN give yourself 15 minutes. I challenge you to do this at least for two weeks, and you will notice a marvelous transformation.

So to review: Get clear, get centered, focus, visualize. Get yourself feeling excited and happy about your vision, whether it is a new relationship, a new job or endeavor, peace in your home, a creative work you’d like to take on. See yourself doing it. See the support around you, from both the physical and spiritual realm.

I’d like to encourage you to connect spiritually with your guidance team. I get asked often, “How do I do that?” Well, it’s not hard. First, you can ask your “team” or your guides to be present with you. They already are, but you invite them in and give them work, whether it is clearing the energy in a room, helping you get to the right person to make a request, guiding you to a few extra dollars, etc. Second, look up Archangels and Ascended Masters on the Internet and deliberately invite the ones into your meditation time and space whose descriptions resonate with you. Just like in the earthly realm, they don’t all have the same job, attributes, or qualities. You don’t have to feel or know them from the first. But over time, I promise you, you will. Sometimes, we overrate “immediate” clairvoyance and “being contacted”. YOU make the contact. Believe me, this will transform your intentional living dramatically.

Finally, protect your intention. Do not discuss it with those who don’t support you or what you’re about. Instead find people who are like you, who want something grand for themselves as well.

If thoughts surface such as “that’s silly” or “that’s some wishful thinking”, or “get real”, recognize those as energies you don’t need in your field. Back to step one: meditational clearing! Find a class or group that teaches how to connect with your guidance, your “team”. You’ll find yourself looking forward to reporting back each week about all that has transpired for you, rather than staying silent around your family or coworkers who don’t get it.

You may be asking: When do I take action? When do I do something? All the time. You will get intuitive nudges. Follow through. If it is hard initially, at least write them down. Remember that guidance from Spirit will often have a different approach from what you’re used to in the physical world. Spending that 15 minutes a day will help you to get more comfortable with the different tone of the actions that come to you. Getet over your fear of doing something new, of not being perfect, of going outside your comfort zone. Again, use the clearing meditation to help you clear out the core fears that surface as you begin to manifest.

There is no greater joy than manifesting an intention. Why? Because typically, when you have an intention it is something that is coming from the core of you, it is so true and important to you, so personal, so beautiful.

When you get the negative thoughts about wishful thinking, let them go. Why not? Isn’t it more fun to experience adventure and joy?
And then, when others will ask you what you’re doing, you can tell them and show them the way.

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