Are you ready to step into all that you are and not hold back? Then these sessions will catapult you onto your life path, in the direction of your destiny. What you want to be, do and have is entirely possible.

A session with Leslie is like no other. Not only will you be coached on how to step into your passions and desires, you will also have the opportunity to experience Leslie’s gifts and teachings as she clears you of the energies and interferences that prevent you from stepping into all that you are.  It’s time to step up and step into your full potential and to let go of the blocks that consistently interfere with your progress.

Life Transformation Sessions

Clarifying the next iteration of your life and shifting you into it

Why transform? Because you want to be happy and live a life that you enjoy, that excites you. You want to feel connected to energy, to the universe. You want to be excited about what might happen next.Whether you already know your life path and are completely off-track or you just haven’t started, the life transformation sessions combine an in-depth life review and energetic work to clarify who you are in this world and how to step into your full potential. We get in touch with your dreams, desires and values, which often can be contrary to the life you are experiencing today. This is a job from the inside out. We’ll do a lot of inner work to get you back to living from your essence. More…

Most effective: Four-75 minute sessions over a period of 6 weeks

Rate: $500 for four, $150 for one.

Energetic Clearing

Removing those blocks and interferences that slow you down from stepping into all that you are

Energetic clearing sessions can work hand in hand with life transformation sessions. By using both the personal tools of awareness, personal power and self-improvement, along with energy-level clearing, clients are able to take their lives to the next level. Life purpose, spiritual effectiveness, and abundance have the opportunity to manifest.

Often when people keep hitting the same blocks and issues over and over again, there is a need for energetic clearing and an understanding of what is hindering the fulfillment of abundance and love in their lives. This work includes the removal of negative cords, astral and etheric debris and implants; chakra clearing and alignment, upgrading of contracts, and work with your Akashic records. More…

Each session varies, based upon what your spirit presents and what you want to address.

Session Length: 75 minutes

Rate: $500 for four, $150 for one.

Create Your Life On Purpose® Program

Designing a robust life that is built on your passions and free of your blocks

Create Your Life On Purpose® is an 8-week, in-depth transformation program that guides you into living a fully empowered, abundant life so that you can consciously and joyously manifest your desires. By engaging your emotional, mental and spiritual aspects, you will experience transformation and healing at the deepest, most significant levels. You will be able to experience a liberation from long-term wounds, remove significant blocks and fears that have stopped you until now, find your own path to living a more empowered life, and learn some life-changing techniques you can utilize for the rest of your life.

This program will change your entire life. Not only will you come to understand why you live the way you do, but you will discover your innermost, authentic self, set a vision for your life based upon that authentic self, and acquire some tools to carry it out into the world.  More

Individual Session Length: 75 minutes

Rate: $800. All materials included.

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